Audio & Video files of Network Council Meetings — Many now available

Kevin Kallsen of Anglican TV is making progress getting the audio and videos from this week’s Network Council meetings online. You can find those he’s posted and those still yet to come here:

Here are a few of the highlights and links:

ACN Council Meeting 2007 Moderator’s Address
Bishop Duncan’s Monday Morning address to the gathering

ACN Council Meeting 2007 PB Venables Bible Study (#1)
++Venables’ first teaching to the gathering, Monday afternoon (Abraham, Genesis 12)

ACN 2007 Final Press Conference
Tuesday afternoon’s final press conference. Participants: +Duncan, +Ackerman, +Iker, +Sutton, Thompson+ (Dean of Western Convocation), ++Venables

There’s more there, and more still to be posted so check it out.
And if these are a blessing to you, leave a tip for Kevin and Anglican TV if you’re able!


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