(London) Times: Church of Scotland magazine backs same sex partnerships

A potential rift within the Church of Scotland over gay relationships emerged yesterday after the Church’s house magazine backed civil partnerships and openly gay ministers.

Accusing religious traditionalists of selectively quoting the Bible to support their attacks on homosexual relations, the editorial in Life And Work urged the Kirk to show strong leadership on an issue that has threatened to split the Church of England and could prove just as divisive in Scotland.

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7 comments on “(London) Times: Church of Scotland magazine backs same sex partnerships

  1. MargaretG says:

    [blockquote] Senior figures within the Church fear that the issue of gay partnerships could prove as damaging for the Presbyterian ministry as the row that has split the Anglican Church. [/blockquote]

    Thank you to all who have fought the fight in the Anglican/Episcopal church, You have not only been fighting for your church in your country, but for all churches in all countries. Watching the chaos that the Anglican church has gone through certainly reduced the appetite for being “prophetic” in my own church in New Zealand.

  2. MargaretG says:

    [blockquote] Every student of the Bible is a selective literalist. Those who swear by the anti-homosexual laws in the Book of Leviticus wouldn’t publicly advocate slavery or stoning women taken in adultery. They presumably no longer accept Biblical teaching on sexual matters such as polygamy and sex with slaves. [/blockquote]

    She certainly doesn’t know the Presbyterian principles of biblical interpretation!!!!!

  3. Fr. Dale says:

    [blockquote]the Church’s house magazine backed civil partnerships and openly gay ministers.[/blockquote]
    [blockquote]The Church said yesterday that the magazine was editorially independent.[/blockquote]
    I am somewhat confused that the official magazine of the Church of Scotland would be “editorially independent”.

  4. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Ah, the export of “the gozpell” seems to have advanced from the CoE Scottish remnant organiztion further into the countryside. Perhaps they should invite a certain simple country bishop if they can ever catch him in his diocese and have him expatiate on the benefits….using the Blue Book data on the ECUDA/TEC/GCC/EO-PAC,
    of course.

  5. Jim the Puritan says:

    I feel a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of Presbyterian saints rolled over in their graves and were suddenly silenced.

    Seriously, we were informed at session tonight that it appears as though the PCUSA resolution that would remove the purity and chastity standards for pastors, elders and deacons (thus permitting homosexual activity, along with adultery and improper heterosexual relationships outside of marriage) is likely to be narrowly defeated. Pray to God that is the case, as PCUSA will quickly disintegrate if that resolution is ratified. It’s only hanging together by the thinnest of threads as it is. (Yes, I know, it’s only a matter of time and they’ll be back at the next General Assembly.)

  6. Pb says:

    The bible does not advocate slavery or polygamy. I am tired of hearing this.

  7. Jim the Puritan says:

    The Layman Online reports this morning that the proposal to do away with the fidelity and chastity requirements for being a minister, elder or deacon in PCUSA has been defeated, confirming what we heard last night.