Time to Look Back: The Diocese of Northern Michigan responds to the Primates

Read it all and note the date–and who do we know is the author?.


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  1. Churchman says:

    I can’t find an indication of authorship anywhere, but according to [url=http://www.acn-us.org/etc/2008/anglicanism-come-of-age.pdf]this article[/url]

    These statements were affirmed on 11 August 2007 by the Standing Committee (the present Ecclesiastical Authority of the diocese), the Core Team, the Diocesan Council and the General Convention Deputation.

  2. Churchman says:

    With apologies for the double post, the members of the Core Team and Standing Committee are listed here: http://www.upepiscopal.org/leadership.html

  3. Ad Orientem says:

    Oooops I accidentally posted on the original article from 2007. Anyways here it is again…

    There is so much theological heresy here I don’t know where to begin. But I think the money quote is this…

    [blockquote] This baptismal vision of a thoroughly blessed creation leads us to understand the reason for the incarnation in a new way[/blockquote]

    Whenever someone comes up with something “new” in theology that should send up all kinds of red flags. To borrow Fr. John Whiteford’s (ROCOR) famous quote…

    “If it’s old it might be gold, but if it’s new it’s definitely not true.”


  4. tjmcmahon says:

    Well, how did I miss this when it was posted a few weeks ago???

    Yes, indeed we do know the author. And as soon as I have access to my home computer (about 2 hours) I’ll send along the Annual Report from the parish where he is rector, and in which he makes the claim to having written it.


  5. tjmcmahon says:

    To quote from the St. Paul’s, Marquette, Annual report for 2007 (page 6, rector’s report):
    [blockquote]Dar es Salaam
    This past summer I was asked to compose our response as a Diocese to the February 2007 Primates Communiqué from Dar es Salaam. The final section of our response reads as follows:
    Because each and every one of us is an only begotten child of God; because we, as the church, are invited by God to see all of creation as having life only insofar as it is in God; because everything, without exception, is the living presence, or incarnation, of God; as
    the Diocese of Northern Michigan,
    We affirm Christ present in every human being and reject any attempt to restructure The Episcopal Church’s polity in a manner contrary to the principles of the baptismalcovenant;
    We affirm the full dignity and autonomy and interdependence of every Church in the Anglican Communion and reject any attempt of the Primates to assume an authority they do not have nor have ever possessed;
    We affirm the sacramental gift of all persons, their Christ-ness, especially those who are gay and lesbian, and reject any moratorium on the blessing of same-sex unions and consents of gay bishops, as it would compromise their basic dignity.
    This response was signed by the Standing Committee, the Diocesan Council, the Core team and the General Convention Deputation.[/blockquote] http://www.stpmqt.org/Annual Reports/2007/2007AnnualReport.pdf
    The rector of St. Paul’s Marquette, who claims authorship of the statement, is the bishop elect, Kevin G. Thew Forrester.
    Note that, per the statement above, in order to be a clergyperson in N. Michigan, you are required to specifically reject the authority of the Primates and the Communion. Also note that everyone, clergy and lay, in the leadership of the diocese is signatory to the document.