Bethlehem Standing Committee: Why we chose not to consent to Northern Michigan

The issue that posed the largest concern for the most of us was the ability of the candidate to articulate the Christian faith and to uphold the doctrine, discipline and worship of the Episcopal Church. It is clear to us Thew-Forrester is a deeply spiritual man who is passionate and articulate about his approach to faith. However, it is apparent from his writing, preaching and the liturgies he has written that he has difficulty with the most basic teachings of the Christian faith about the person and work of Jesus Christ, the nature of the Trinity, the nature of sin and the atonement.

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4 comments on “Bethlehem Standing Committee: Why we chose not to consent to Northern Michigan

  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    This is a very fine statement, with a welcome balance between process and content. I especially salute them for the focus on basic Christian teaching, notably the doctrine of the Trinity.

  2. The_Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    I agree; that is one of the most coherent statements on the whole affair that I have read.

  3. FenelonSpoke says:

    Yes, I commented on SFIF that it was a fine rationale. I think it was the most articulate of any statement by a Standing Committee which I have read. Bravo, Bethlehem!

    And on another note, Bethlehem is a wonderful place to visit at Christmas or anytime, and the architecture or Moravian College and the old part of town is simply beautiful.

  4. A Senior Priest says:

    A generally excellent rationale for refusing consent, except that it seems, somehow, to assume that the doctrine, discipline, and worship of TEC is synonymous with Christianity.