New Anglican Church, Christ the King, Forms in Albuquerque

A majority of the members of St. Mark’s-on-the-Mesa Episcopal Church are leaving their church property and endowments worth over $2 million to form a new parish, Christ the King Anglican Church.

This past Sunday, September 27, the former priest-in-charge of St. Mark’s, The Rev. Roger Weber, along with two other clergy members, eight of ten staff members, and eleven of twelve members of the church governing board (vestry) announced their decision to leave the Episcopal Church and form the new Anglican parish. They will become part of the Anglican Church in North America, which was recently formed in response to widespread un-biblical teaching and practice in The Episcopal Church (U.S.) and the Anglican Church of Canada.

“This has been a difficult decision, but after the 2009 Episcopal General Convention in July, we have finally come to the point where we cannot continue in a denomination that rejects the authority of scripture and increasingly characterizes the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as tangential and non-essential, rather than Son of God, Lord and Savior,” said The Rev. Weber. “We’re excited about our future as part of the Anglican Church in North America, which is aligned with the majority of Christians worldwide who uphold biblical faith and teaching.”

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9 comments on “New Anglican Church, Christ the King, Forms in Albuquerque

  1. Jeff Thimsen says:

    Welcome and blessings from Christ the King Anglican Church (ACNA) in Spokane.

  2. Deacon Francie says:

    Welcome to Christ the King Anglican from Diocese of San Joaquin, ACNA! You have a wonderful adventure ahead and will have a prayer covering from so many of us already in ACNA!

  3. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Let’s get more specific. Welcome aboard from a priest in the Diocese of the Holy Spirit, which now has another new parish, and a very promising, dynamic, large one. The folks in Albuqueque chose well, +John Guernsey is the model of all that a bishop should be (that’s not a put down of other bishops in the ACNA, it’s just that I’m justifiably proud of my bishop).

    I was especially impressed by the overwhelming support of the church leadership, ordained and lay, to make this costly move. Three clergy decide to leave TEC, along with 8 of 10 staff members, and 11 of 12 vestry members. Wow. That’s amazing unity in such a large church that’s leaving behind so much.

    I also note that this congregation is blessed to enjoy having the renowned contemporary Christian singer Fernando Ortega as an “artist-in-residence” there. Incredible. Gee, if I was anywhere within driving distance, I’d sure want to go and worship there. Despite giving up the property, I’d have to say that there future seems bright indeed. As bright as the promises of God.

    David Handy+

  4. LumenChristie says:

    So — — according to the announcement by the Diocese of Rio Grande, (posted further down on this board) Bishop William Frey is now occupying the buildings of the Episcopal Church of St. John on the Mesa on behalf of the TEC Diocese of Rio Grande and the remaining TEC-loyal parishioners. He will be ministering to them as temporary clergy in charge.

    I suppose they will need some good ministry which Bp Frey is more than capable of doing.

    But it knots up my stomach to visualize this picture.

    How do you continue to act on behalf of TEC?

  5. LumenChristie says:

    Sorry for the lapse of memory — wrong Evangelist.

    St. Mark on the Mesa, not St. John

  6. WestJ says:

    I wonder how long the endowment will last.

  7. archangelica says:

    “we have finally come to the point where we cannot continue in a denomination that rejects the authority of scripture and increasingly characterizes the uniqueness of Jesus Christ as tangential and non-essential, rather than Son of God, Lord and Savior,” said The Rev. Weber.”
    I am coming to this place as well, even as a supporter of WO and LGBT inclusion. In spite of that, I am no longer at ease in my spirit with the increasing drift towards “liturgical unitarianism”. I am ashamed of the litigation TEC is involved with. I am asking for help from my reasserter friends here.
    I am seeking specific examples and quotes that demonstrate the decline of orthodoxy in TEC. I am making a list and checking it twice. My soul is trembling as I move toward considering joining the ELCA. I do not believe, in spit of their stance on inclusion, that they will cease to be a Christian church as has TEC.
    I hope the elves will have mercy on me and allow this comment to be posted. I stand at a fork in the road…
    Responses citing and documenting any and all points of error and heresy in TEC (not inclusing WO and the gay issue) may email me personally: [through the Private Message feature in the ‘Your Account’ top right just below the sign in button]
    This liberal Christian begs your support, prayers and help. I never thought a day like this would come. But it has and I want to make a fully formed decision before making a leap of this proportion.
    Blessings to you all. This blog has been a significant part of my faith journey. Thank you.

    [Archangelica – your comment is fine but may we encourage contact to be made with you through the private messaging system here for your protection, as mentioned above – Elf]

  8. LumenChristie says:

    # 7: Archangelica: Google “Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts-Schori” and read the statements and interviews she has done over the past 3 years, particularly her sermon/address to the General Convention of this past July.

    Also, resolutions passed or failed in recent GenCons include the refusal to include the words, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit” in a statement of faith, and a clause in a resolution on Mission that says we should be sensitive to other cultures by not calling Jesus The Savior, etc.

    Check the official TEC homepage and click around until you get the GenCon documents.

    And don’t be afraid. The one who seeks will find.

    You may find, that if you pursue your pilgrimage with complete honesty and a sincere desire to receive God’s guidance and Will, that the moral issues will become part of the questions you have to ask.

    Keep praying and know that your prayers are heard. I will pray for you as well.

  9. Bob Lee says:

    Welcome from Christchurch, Montgomery, Alabama.