Mark Lynas: 'At this rate, Copenhagen will be a disaster'

The battle lines are drawn. The armies are lined up. The guns are loaded. But here in Copenhagen, a phony war is underway.

For the past two days, negotiators have been bogged down in minor technical details and endless delays. For hours plenary meetings have been taken up by countries complaining about the process. Then finally solutions are agreed, and everyone files out to the relevant gatherings ”“ only to find them cancelled on arrival. All of Monday disappeared down that hole….

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4 comments on “Mark Lynas: 'At this rate, Copenhagen will be a disaster'

  1. Bystander says:

    Praise the LORD for this report.

  2. Grandmother says:

    Oh that it would be so (the headline I mean)…

  3. evan miller says:

    The disaster will be if this bunch of charlatans and well-meaning but gullible dupes can actually agree on something actionable. “The Bush administration lost us a decade.” Then kudos to the Bush administration, say I.

  4. Br_er Rabbit says:

    Actually it’s becoming clear that nothing whatever will happen at Copenhagen. The various heads of government, etc. that arrive to “ink a deal” will have nothing to sign. They will then conjure up a grandly sounding political proclamation that means nothing.