Nicholas Kristof: The Grotesque Vocabulary in Congo

I’ve learned some new words.

One is “autocannibalism,” coined in French but equally appropriate in English. It describes what happens when a militia here in eastern Congo’s endless war cuts flesh from living victims and forces them to eat it.

Another is “re-rape.” The need for that term arose because doctors were seeing women and girls raped, re-raped and re-raped again, here in the world capital of murder, rape, mutilation.

This grotesque vocabulary helps answer a question that I’ve had from readers: Why Congo?

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3 comments on “Nicholas Kristof: The Grotesque Vocabulary in Congo

  1. Dale Rye says:

    The same number of Congolese have died in this conflict as Jews died in World War II. Where is the outrage and where is the international response?

  2. Terry Tee says:

    I thought the question ‘Why Congo?’ deserved asking from another angle. Why is this country so endlessly cruel with and to its own people, in ways beyond all decency? Even in a continent of horrors, Congo stands out. Why are things so much worse there?

  3. Mark Johnson says:

    I’m with #1 – this should evoke international outrage and international action.