Meghan Keane: A Heartfelt Look at One Side of a Debate

The film does a good job of showing how people discussing the biblical rejection of homosexuality often lack knowledge of scripture, but only allows theologists who agree with the film’s message to debunk the passages in question. Scholars from Desmond Tutu to Harvard’s Peter Gomes argue the case for gay rights; sane, educated, traditional Christians are sorely lacking….

[It also] argues that the gulf between homosexuality and the church can be crossed by a simple awareness campaign and shows many happy, healthy gay individuals enjoying their lives to prove its point. For people who agree, “For the Bible Tells Me So” will be an affirmative study, but the chasm is not entirely one of ignorance, and the film skips over those details. For all its talk of education and acceptance, the film manages to parody Christians much the way homophobes categorize gays.

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