Church Times: Primates depleted as Dublin summit kicks off

More than one third of the provinces of the Anglican Com­munion are not represented at the Primates’ Meeting in Dublin, it was confirmed on Wednesday, as the summit got under way.

An official list showed that 22 of the possible 38 Primates arrived in Dublin; 15 were absent. In addition, the Province of Central Africa, where there is currently a vacancy, is being represented by its Dean; and the Archbishop of York is also attending, to allow the Archbishop of Can­terbury to preside at the meeting.

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2 comments on “Church Times: Primates depleted as Dublin summit kicks off

  1. Dan Crawford says:

    How many Anglicans do these 22 purple shirts represent?

  2. Old Guy says:

    God does not need a church to do His work. Genesis 12-24 And He can reject an unfaithful group, no matter how large, and instead focus on a single faithful individual, Ex 32:10-14, or a faithful small remnant, 1 Kings 19:17-18. So the ultimate question is not who is in communion with us, but, instead, are we in communion with God? That is the question which points to the authority of Scripture and to the uniqueness of Jesus.