*Removed at ACO request*–Other undisappeared Primates Meeting Photos (I)–Meeting Organizers

Please note that at the request of a member of the Anglican Communion Office this photo is being removed–KSH.

You can now see material related to this meeting here (see “Primates Meeting 2011” on the top left) and there.


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8 comments on “*Removed at ACO request*–Other undisappeared Primates Meeting Photos (I)–Meeting Organizers

  1. Karen B. says:

    Almost as many organizers as Primates. Very odd.

  2. Sarah says:

    Well — at least we can be confident that the money for “event organization” is being well spent. Fifteen “organisers” for a meeting of 24 or so people.


  3. j.m.c. says:

    Is the ACNS, the ACO, or the ACC going to enlighten us about who these “organizers” are, who paid their salaries, and what their instructions were?

  4. Militaris Artifex says:

    Two words spring to mind when viewing this picture: motley & crew.

    [i]Pax et bonum[/i],
    Keith Töpfer

  5. dwstroudmd+ says:

    15/24 = 0.625. That would be roughly 2/3 of an organizer per primate.

    I believe, under the Healthcare Reform Act of late notoriety, that might qualify as full-time nursing care.

    Just sayin”.

  6. Knowitall says:

    Gone but not forgotten

    Front Row (left to right)
    1 –
    2 –
    3 Canon Phil Groves – the facilitator of the “Listening Process” for the Communion
    4 Canon Alyson Barnett-Cowan, Director of Unity, Faith and Order of
    the Anglican Communion and priest in the Anglican Church of Canada
    5 Canon Kenneth Kearon, General Secretary, Anglican Communion Office Secretariat and priest in the Church of Ireland
    6 Canon Joanna Udal, The Archbishop of Canterbury’s Secretary for
    Anglican Communion Affairs
    7 Ms Clare Amos, Director of Theological Education for the Anglican
    Communion. Co-ordinator of NIFCON
    8 –

    Back Row (left to right)
    1 –
    2 Ms Fiona Millican, Lambeth Palace Staff
    3 –
    4 –
    5 –
    6 Canon Patrick Comerford, Chaplain to the Primates Meeting and Director of Spiritual Formation, the Church of Ireland Theological Institute
    7 Archdeacon Paul Feheley, Principal Secretary to Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Anglican Church of Canada

  7. j.m.c. says:

    Go to http://www.standfirminfaith.com/?/sf/page/27192/ for a copy of the webpage with photos. Why might the ACO want this information mem-holed?

  8. Militaris Artifex says:

    [b][7] j.m.c.[/b],

    Could it possibly be that they want it sent down the “memory hole” because they suddenly realized that Mr. Blair (Eric, not Tony) predicted such behavior would occur about 27 years earlier than it did* and they wanted no one to realize that they were that far behind the times?

    [i]Pax et bonum[/i],
    Keith Töpfer
    *—If any reader doesn’t recognize the referencem, subtract 27 from the four digits representing the current year. If you still don’t recognize it, I would humbly suggest Googling [i]Eric Blair[/i].