British PM: Multiculturalism has failed

Prime Minister David Cameron, in a speech attended by world leaders, on Saturday criticized his country’s longstanding policy of multiculturalism, saying it was an outright failure and partly to blame for fostering Islamist extremism.

He said the U.K. needs a stronger national identity to prevent people turning to extremism

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4 comments on “British PM: Multiculturalism has failed

  1. Br. Michael says:

    There is no dedication to a common core. You wind up with an accumulation of tribes with nothing in common. A sure recipe for national suicide.

  2. Larry Morse says:

    Oh Good. Yet ANOTHER epiphany of the utterly obvious. Let us cheer the Left Wing which has deliberately obscured the obvious so that a later generation can rediscover it, thinking that it has ht upon something earthshaking. L

  3. David Keller says:

    I hope President Daniels will announce the same thing on 1/20/2013.

  4. lostdesert says:

    [#3] I’m with you, is it 2012 yet? I pray every day for my country.