2 from the South Carolina Lowcountry open a free medical clinic in Uganda

Matt Alexander and his friend Ed O’Bryan, a Charleston doctor, were chatting at Chick-fil-A following an afternoon of surfing at Folly Beach in the summer of 2008 when — for reasons that still aren’t entirely clear to them — the conversation turned from waves to global medical missions.

Alexander, now 29, and O’Bryan, 32, discussed their shared enthusiasm for caring for patients in parts of the world with desperate shortages of health professionals. They griped that many missions treat people on a limited-time-only basis.

The duo was still sandy-footed and salty-haired when they hatched the idea for Palmetto Medical Initiative, a Charleston nonprofit group that aims to bring high-quality health care to impoverished corners of the world.

Read it all from the local paper.


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