Timothy Shah–The Uganda Conspiracy Theory

But if any single African country has attracted American ire, it is Uganda. Is this because of a spate of anti-gay attacks? When a tiny college newspaper organized an egregious hate campaign last October against prominent gay activists, including Kato, a Ugandan court issued a permanent injunction against the publication. And David Kato’s death is among only a handful of documented instances in which homosexuals have been killed in Uganda in recent years, with police now claiming that Kato was murdered by an acquaintance for reasons unrelated to homophobia. Despite Rachel Maddow’s running commentary on Uganda””under the headline “Uganda Be Kidding Me!”””more Ugandans consider homosexual behavior morally acceptable or neutral””almost one in five””than people in any other major African country, including sexually tolerant South Africa, according to a 2010 Pew Forum survey.

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One comment on “Timothy Shah–The Uganda Conspiracy Theory

  1. Confessor says:

    Why ARE these people, and why is our current administration, pushing, almost mandating the world accept and approve a lifestyle and activities that have been proven to be correlated with mental/emotional and physical health problems by science research, clinical medicine and CDC reports? According to the 2010 CDC report, HIV occurs in nearly 20% of ‘gay’ males nowadays and half of those don’t know they have it. STDs like syphillis, occur in ‘gay’ males 44 times more than normal… so why are they pushing these ‘orientations’ and activities in one foreign country that has been successfully fighting AIDS and public schools, even elementary schools?