(ACNS) 2011 Standing Committee Bulletin – Day 4

In brief:

Bible in the Life of the Church: “Hermeneutical gap between academy and pew.”
Lent course on fifth Mark of Mission for the Communion in 2012
Theological college principals from across the Communion to meet in Canterbury
ACC-15 set for October/November 2012

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2 comments on “(ACNS) 2011 Standing Committee Bulletin – Day 4

  1. Pb says:

    I did not get the bible study change. What is the great change? Is this another form of liberation theology? Or is this just more GLBT studies? I can usually read what they are saying but am lost here.

  2. driver8 says:

    It’s too vague to say what they mean. There seem to be 2 points being made. They identify:

    1. A gap between academy (at a guess, the tradition of post enlightenment biblical scholarship) and pew.

    2. A gap between theory and practice – though which theory and whose practice isn’t identified. Or a gap they’ve identified between, two different theories of biblical interpretation – though which theories they don’t say. One question they apparently see arising from this point – is, if I read it rightly, whether identifying a Biblical view “sorts out” an issue. (One might read this as an oblique reference to the use of the Bible in respect of human sexuality).

    They name 2 issues for further regional discussion – gender and economic injustice. They also a plan to produce a Lenten Bible study by 2012 focused on safeguarding the integrity of creation and sustaining and renewing the life of the earth.

    Presumably they will get round to discussing the first 2 marks of mission later in their process. These are:

    To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
    To teach, baptise and nurture new believers