Bishop Jack Iker: "We have Concluded there is no Future for us in The Episcopal Church"

Listen to the “Report from FiF North America” by the Bishop of Forth Worth, Jack Iker, at the Forward in Faith International Assembly.

Click here and then use the audio link which may be found in the middle of the page (a little over 13 minutes long).


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13 comments on “Bishop Jack Iker: "We have Concluded there is no Future for us in The Episcopal Church"

  1. Dale Rye says:

    Simply a confirmation of the story from the Diocese of Pittsburgh that that diocese, together with several others, is preparing to bail out of TEC. Fort Worth, San Joaquin, and Quincy are dead certainties, with Albany and Springfield not far behind. Rio Grande, Dallas, Western Kansas, and South Carolina are probably on the brink. If the exit of those dioceses drives the remnant TEC more firmly into reappraiser control, Central Florida, Western Louisiana, West Texas, and Texas might be among the next dominoes.

  2. Newbie Anglican says:

    I would be shocked if Dallas left. Those parishes most fed up with TEC have already left the diocese.

    As for West Texas, their bishops are habitual fence-sitters. They won’t leave. Texas is even less likely to leave.

    I wish I could share Dale’s appraisal here, but I can’t.

  3. Christopher Hathaway says:

    I wonder what the Jews thought when all the Christians started getting out of Jerusalem 19 centuries ago. Probably they said “good riddance”.

  4. D. C. Toedt says:

    Newbie Anglican [#2], from what I’ve seen here in Texas (Houston), the scripturalists are organizing to elect our next bishop when +Don Wimberly retires (he turned 70 in June according to Louie Crew’s site). At a diocesan “visioning” event a few months ago, it was clear that these folks will be working to elect a bishop who will lead the diocese out of TEC.

  5. Newbie Anglican says:

    Well, I would be very happy for the Diocese of Texas to prove me wrong.

  6. says:

    I am am new to posting. However. Western Kansas will not be soon to go along. This is much to the dismay of many of us who are in exile. We made attempts to bring the diocese along but the winds are blowing with TEC (Bishop Adams however has very different beliefs from TEC). Western Kansas is a Diocese that has taken on the congregational way of being that is common among TEC (ie. the local option. Bishop Adams has been greatly dismayed but the diocese led by liberal clergy are TEC). Pray for the Bishop as well as those of us who are here. Forward in Faith Dioceses are leading in a courageous direction.

  7. Jeffersonian says:

    From Dale’s fingertips to God’s mind. Those diocese represent about 55,000 souls in membership, 22,000 of whom can be found in the pews on any given Sunday. They deserve a better denomination than they have now, IMHO.

  8. robroy says:

    I don’t know about Dale’s predictions of all those dioceses, but even with the exeunt stage right of the core three, it will become very ugly for the orthodox remnant. If you are not at least checking out the sea worthiness of the lifeboats, you are being remiss. I definitely agree with his use of the word domino.

  9. Jeffersonian says:

    The core three diocese have a membership of around 31,000 with an ASA of 12,000…my figures included the first five Dale mentioned. I would expect the bishops in these to allow revisionist parishes to opt out, though some thought should be given to a ‘prisoner exchange,’ IMHO.

    It’s already ugly for the orthodox.

  10. The_Archer_of_the_Forest says:

    I don’t know where I would go, frankly, if I ever tried to leave. Rome is too hierarchical for me, Orthodoxy has too much corruption going on that not a lot of people know about, and other more protestant arenas don’t interest me. I guess I am where I am and will stay there.

  11. robroy says:

    Bp Iker states that the three FiF dioceses (Ft Worth, Quincy, and San Joaquin) are actively seeking oversight from a province that doesn’t ordain women as priests. The provinces who don’t ordain women as priests or deacons: Central Africa, Jerusalem and the Middle East, Melanesia, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia, Tanzania. Those that only ordain females as deacons: Indian Ocean, Southern Cone, Congo, Pakistan.

  12. William Tighe says:

    Re: #11,

    Your information is a bit antiquated. Tanzania adopted “local option” as regards WO in 2005, and now all its “Evangelical” dioceses practice it, while all its “Anglo-Catholic” ones don’t, and the Congo began to “ordain” women to the priesthood at around the same time. Three years ago the Archbishop of Melanesia, Ellison Pogo, was busy trying to persuade his province to “enter the Anglican mainstream” (aka, I suppose, “the broad way”) by adopting WO.

  13. robroy says:

    Thanks for the update, WT.