(Reuters Special Report) If Monterrey falls, Mexico falls

In just four years, Monterrey, a manufacturing city of 4 million people 140 miles from the Texan border, has gone from being a model for developing economies to a symbol of Mexico’s drug war chaos, sucked down into a dark spiral of gangland killings, violent crime and growing lawlessness.

Since President Felipe Calderon launched an army-led war on the cartels in late 2006, grenade attacks, beheadings, firefights and drive-by killings have surged.

That has shattered this city’s international image as a boomtown where captains of industry built steel, cement and beer giants in the desert in less than a century — Mexico’s version of Dallas or Houston.

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One comment on “(Reuters Special Report) If Monterrey falls, Mexico falls

  1. Ad Orientem says:

    I have been of the opinion for sometime that Mexico is a far greater danger to our national security than Pakistan. It is a nation on the fast track to becoming a failed state. If/when it collapses we are going to have human tidal wave rolling across our southern border.