(Christian Post) SEA Anglicans: Stop Divisive Actions If Adopting Covenant

Amid strained relations, the Anglican Communion Covenant offers a promise of deeper fellowship and trust.

But divisive churches need to rescind actions that oppose the biblical design for marriage before adopting the Covenant, highlighted the Church in Southeast Asia.

The statement by the Province of South East Asia appears in a preamble to the Letter of Accession.

South East Asia became the fourth province to adopt the Covenant.

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One comment on “(Christian Post) SEA Anglicans: Stop Divisive Actions If Adopting Covenant

  1. MichaelA says:

    This is a very pointed comment from the Anglican Province of South East Asia. They see the covenant in the context of resolution 1.10, and supervised by the primates’ meeting.

    This appears to be a warning both to Archbishop Williams and to Canon Kearon, who have been conspicuous by their lack of support for these values. As the article observes:
    [blockquote] A recent controversial decision by the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Secretary General to include TEC members in the Standing Committee underscores the concern.

    The Standing Committee will oversee the working of the Covenant and make recommendations to the Instruments of Communion. It is an elected body. Global South primates believe that the primates’ meeting should oversee the Covenant in its implementation.

    The Inter-Anglican Standing Commission for Unity, Faith and Order will be a major platform to engage in the longer-term theological task.

    And the February 2009 Primates’ Meeting recognised the need for the Primates’ Meeting to “be engaged at every stage with all these developments.” [/blockquote]