(WSJ Europe) Frits Bolkestein–The Roots of Europe's Cultural Masochism

….Christianity appears to be a spent force in Europe, with the exceptions of Poland and Ireland. But for Christians in Asia, Africa, Arabia and beyond, it is not the anemic religion that it has become here. These Third World Christians rightly feel deserted.

If they have any doubt about the importance of Christianity in contemporary Western life, these non-European Christians need only look to locales such as England’s Oxford. There, in a land with an established Christian church, the municipality has decided to replace Christmas with a “Winter Light Festival.” According to a spokesman, this ensures that equal attention is paid to all religions.

Europeans weren’t always so self-hating….

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5 comments on “(WSJ Europe) Frits Bolkestein–The Roots of Europe's Cultural Masochism

  1. LumenChristie says:

    Has this guy [b][i]been[/b][/i] to Ireland?

    The ASA in the Republic of Ireland has been sinking precipitously for several decades. Maynooth seminary used to graduate and ordain so many new priests each year that many had to go out as missionaries to other countries. Just a few years ago, Maynooth closed — ceased to be a seminary any more. (It may be maintaining a few other educational programs).

    The Faith is also in trouble there. Although the C of I in Northern Ireland (Down & Dromore, Derry – Raphoe and one other diocese) is doing rather better.

    I am put in mind of Jesus’ own words: “And when the Son of Man returns, will He find any Faith on the earth?”

  2. robroy says:

    Completely inescapable conclusion: Liberal “Christianity” is death.

    No, please don’t argue against the converse of this statement. I am not saying that conservative, orthodox Christianity would/will succeed in Europe. I am saying that the experiment of liberalization of Christianity has been an utter failure. Those arguing for the continued liberalization of the Church of England need a black box warning. “What we argue for will be the death of the Church.” There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest otherwise.

  3. Terry Tee says:

    I was startled to read in the preceding entry that Maynooth is no longer a seminary. Wrong! It currently has some 80 men preparing for ordination and earlier this year ordained 11 deacons. You can find out more on the seminary’s own website:

  4. Terry Tee says:

    And apologies for my own inaccuracy. It was seven deacons, not 11.

  5. MichaelA says:

    Third world Christians have been sending missionaries to England for some time. I hope they are also sending them to Europe because the same Lord who once blessed the ministry of western missionaries seems to be guarding and guiding our third world brethren as they minister to us.