Time Magazine: Does Jesus Wear Purple Pinstripes?

The Rockies insist that that story was somewhat overblown, and that not every player thumps the Bible behind the clubhouse doors. It’s true that men’s magazines and rap music are just as prevalent in the team’s locker room as around the rest of the big leagues, but Christianity plays a key role in the makeup of the National League pennant winners. (And the Rockies could sure use a miracle now; they enter tonight’s Game 4 of the World Series against the Boston Red Sox trailing 3-0.) “It’s a strong faith group,” says relief pitcher LaTroy Hawkins, who admits he’d rather watch football than go to church on Sunday. “A bunch of the young guys have seen the light, and found their way. They haven’t strayed.”

“The Lord gives you everything you have,” says center fielder Willy Taveras, who counts himself among the faithful, “and makes it possible to play this beautiful game.”

Even though the post-game prayer group at the 50-yard line has become as common as the quarterback sack, and individual players routinely thank the God of their choice for helping with a game-winning hit/basket/touchdown, the Rockies stand out for openly touting Christian values ”” as they define it, strong character and a moral compass ”” as a guiding organizational philosophy off the field. Club president Keli McGregor has gone so far as to say that God is “using [The Rockies] in a powerful way.”

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4 comments on “Time Magazine: Does Jesus Wear Purple Pinstripes?

  1. libraryjim says:

    Of course not! He’d wear Garnet and Gold.

    Go Seminoles!

  2. StayinAnglican says:

    Na, make that Burgundy & Gold.

    Go Skins! I still believe.

    heh heh.

    (Yeah, I still own up to being a fan. Anyone got a problem with that????)

  3. Ouroboros says:

    You guys can argue all you want about God’s favorite baseball team.
    I know His Mother is a Red Sox fan. 😉

  4. Rolling Eyes says:

    Where was God when they finished 12 games under .500 last year?