(ENS) On the presiding bishop's visit to Venezuela

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9 comments on “(ENS) On the presiding bishop's visit to Venezuela

  1. mhmac13 says:

    What a puff piece, obviously written someone who wanted to be in the good graces of TEC. Just the facts would have been fine, but the constant fawning was a bit much. ls this typical of how ENS works these days?

  2. David Keller says:

    This is saying alot–but that may be the worst article to ever be publised by ENS.

  3. RomeAnglican says:

    TEC really likes that North Korean-style adoration, doesn’t it? It would be humorous if it weren’t so deeply disturbing. It is interesting that such fawning in political contexts has usually been associated with truly odious despots.

  4. David Keller says:

    #3–If the shoe fits! Not to mention Venezuela is run by an evil despot/dictator and KJS apparently didn’t take the time to condemn his human rights vioaltions. Makes you wonder what’s under that muffin mitre.

  5. Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) says:

    As an agronomist with extensive involvement in the production side of the coffee business, I am closely aware of one particular (and fairly significant) Venezuelan project in which the principals are quite actively seeking some alternative oversight as a result of rampant, wide-spread, and deep-seated corruption within the TEC-associated church there, right up to the level of bishop.

    Letters and grower petitions to 815 have been completely ignored, and TEC’s support for the existing local power structure in Venezuela is absolutely unwavering. When Os Guiness described TEC as “the most corrupt church in America” he was unaware of their overseas branches.

  6. Undergroundpewster says:

    The ENS piece is syrupy stuff for sure, I think I need a blous of insulin after reading that one.

    I was not aware of the problems Bart mentions, and that needs some follow up.

  7. Cennydd13 says:

    “Puff piece” is right…….and it’s so empty of meaning that it’s truly pathetic!

  8. Grandpa Dino says:

    The Propaganda Ministry could use a better writer than THIS guy!

  9. Steven in Falls Church says:

    While this was written by someone for whom English is not the first language (maybe some slack is in order), it does read like a paean to Hugo Chavez. Speaking of which, consider this dollop of moral equivalence spooned up by the PB in her sermon in Venezuela:

    Look at political systems. My government and yours have been at odds for some time, and a lot of unkind words have been thrown in both directions. Some people think one kind of government is better than another, yet almost all of us recognize that we haven’t yet found a perfect one! Injustice and war and violence continue, and no government has yet figured out how to feed all the hungry and house all the homeless. Yet we aren’t supposed to give up because it isn’t perfect yet. God is still at work.

    Keep in mind that members of Chavez’s government have been sanctioned under U.S. law for involvement in narcoterrorism, and the Venezuelan government-controlled oil company was recently sanctioned for supporting Iran’s petroleum industry (which is a source of funding of Iran’s nuke ambitions).