Mormon men waiting longer to marry, worrying church officials

Marriage is a fundamental tenet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. But church leaders now face a matrimony problem within their flock: Young single Mormons are delaying marriage.

Becky Maher, 29, attends the American River Young Singles Adult Branch in Sacramento. She is active in the congregation and has held leadership positions in the church. But getting married has so far eluded her. “I would like to be married as soon as possible,” she said.

Ben Forsyth, 28, is also a member of the singles congregation. Sunday, he led the congregation in the benediction. But he’s not ready for marriage. “I don’t think I’ve put it off, I just haven’t found the right person,” he said.

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2 comments on “Mormon men waiting longer to marry, worrying church officials

  1. Catholic Mom says:

    Catholic marriage is only “until death you do part” whereas Mormon marriage is for “time and all eternity.” Maybe that’s why Mormon men are more unwilling to commit. I mean, eternity is a long time to live with even a minor mistake. 🙂

  2. clarin says:

    Now if only they hadn’t given up on polygamy …:)