Communiqué of the Global South Primates during their visit to China in September 2011

11. In our reflections, we found that our Anglican Communion has also undergone a tremendous transformation in recent decades. Today, the majority of Anglicans are found no longer in the west, but in churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America that are firmly committed to our historic faith and order.
12. At the same time, it grieves us deeply to observe many Anglican churches in the west yielding to secular pressure to allow unacceptable practices in the name of human rights and equality. Beginning with the undermining of Scriptural authority and two millennia of church tradition, the erosion of orthodoxy has gone as far as the ordination and consecration of active gay and lesbian clergy and bishops, and the development of liturgies for same-sex marriage.
13. We are wholeheartedly committed to the unity of Anglican Communion and recognize the importance of the historic See of Canterbury. Sadly, however, the Anglican Communion’s Instruments of Unity have become dysfunctional and no longer have the ecclesial and moral authority to hold the Communion together.

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2 comments on “Communiqué of the Global South Primates during their visit to China in September 2011

  1. AnglicanFirst says:

    This communique makes a number of points that are worthy of comment.

    One comment/point that stated,
    “We are committed to support faithful orthodox Anglican churches and groups in the west which share our historic faith and order.”
    tells me that the Global South churches are prepared to continue/increase support to and to strongly assert the legitimacy within the Anglican Communion of those Anglican bodies within the Anglican West that are still true to “…the Faith once given….”

    This also implies that the Global South churches question the legitimacy of those national churches in the Anglican West that are not true to “…the faith once given…” or that controvert or distort or abandon that “Faith.”

  2. pendennis88 says:

    It is important for the global south to be evangelizing China.

    I am thankful that the global south was able to devote as much time to the communion matters in the communique as they did. For they clearly believe that there are no remaining legitimate instruments of communion and that the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury is effectively vacant. Coming from representatives of a majority of Anglicans, this has major import. We may be unsurprised, but it is very important nonetheless. For example, what if these same archbishops are not consulted in naming and decline to attend the enthronement of the next Archbishop of Canterbury? It is one thing to have two functional communions; yet another to have two formal communions. Yet that is where we are headed, thanks to Williams.