Renewing Wedding Vows–After the Years’ Ups and Downs, Beginning Again

Dr. [Alexandra] Bloom and Mr. [Tom] Nishioka, who is 42, met on Jan. 5, 2000, in a swing-dance class in the East Village. “Tom was the perfect lead,” Dr. Bloom said.

Even without the diagnosis of cancer, for which she still receives treatment, she said they would have renewed their vows.

“With any couple, the years go by, and you go through so much together ”” the birth of children, and the ups and downs of work lives, to name just a few,” Dr. Bloom said. “And time passes, and everything changes, and yet the couple stays together. And there’s something so powerful about that, and it’s so moving.”

Celebrating the renewal of vows can take many shapes and forms ”” not usually three-day events ”” depending on religious traditions and personal preferences.

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