Monday Afternoon Mental Health Break–Straight No Chaser – The Christmas Can-Can

Just fun–great and wonderful fun. Enjoy it all.


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5 comments on “Monday Afternoon Mental Health Break–Straight No Chaser – The Christmas Can-Can

  1. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Thanks, Kendall.

    Yes, this is delightful fun. But it can’t match the earlier classic spoof on the Twelve Days of Christmas song by the same acapella men’s group at Indiana U. (albeit an earlier incarnation from over a decade ago) Like re-watching “[i]It’s a Wonderful Life[/i]” with James Stewart, re-watching that hilarious video clip has become an annual December tradition for me. It’s gotten something like 3 million hits. May I suggest you post that YouTube clip as well?

    David Handy+

  2. Saltmarsh Gal says:

    Love it. Thank you.

  3. libraryjim says:

    By George, I think they got it!
    Happy Advent!

  4. montanan says:

    NWA – that is such a terrific one! This one is good, too; however, I share your love of the first one: [url=]here[/url]. If you look, the faces look much the same (a little older) in this and in the original – I believe most (if not all) of the original members are still there!

  5. New Reformation Advocate says:

    montanan (#4),

    Thanks for providing the link and the support. Yes, a lot of the faces are the same. After the original song went viral back in the late 1990s, the group started to tour and release albums. It’s no wonder that so many of us just love this amazing group of guys.

    FWIW, as Kendall has ‘fessed up to his past as a singer in the elite Bowdoin College Choir during his UK days, I’ll do the same. I was privileged to sing in the Wheaton Men’s Glee Club all four years of my undergrad time. It was one of the highlights of my college experience, lots of fun and fond memories. There is something special about the sound of an all men’s group that I relish.

    David Handy+