All 5 Harmons Together for the Last Time this winter


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13 comments on “All 5 Harmons Together for the Last Time this winter

  1. Henry Greville says:

    Just want to say that I have never seen a family of atheists look this happy to be together!

  2. Luke says:

    What a handsome group…all full of joie de vivre!

  3. trimom says:

    Tell Elizabeth that I LOVE her hair!!!

  4. clarin says:

    Don’t you just hate it (as I do!) when your son looks down on you? 🙂

  5. Christopher Johnson says:

    Wow, Kendall, you seem to have grown…wait, that’s not you? You’re that old guy next to him? Sorry, my mistake. Seriously, bro, you are a dead ringer for my brother.

  6. New Reformation Advocate says:


    Although perhaps some of the rest of the family may have some qualms about you posting family photos for all the world to see, those of us who frequent this site are delighted to see the pics.

    However, I can imagine a few possible unexpected outcomes:

    1. That tall son of yours getting feelers from some recruiters for college basketball teams.

    2. Those two lovely daughters getting new unwanted “friend” requests on their Facebook pages from young men.

    3. Due to the ambiguous wording of the caption, some T19 readers might wonder why this is the last time the whole Harmon family will be together. IOW, some might interpret the heading as meaning, “This winter all 5 Harmons got together for the last time (ever), and this picture was snapped at the airport before they went their various ways.” Or, this is the last Christmas when the whole family will gather together…

    Seriously, a great looking group.

    David Handy+

  7. Dcn. Michael D. Harmon says:

    So, where’s our mutual cousin Mark? Was NCIS shooting at the time?

  8. Teatime2 says:

    ROFL @ #7! If Mark was the cousin of y’all, I’d be sending bribes of gourmet foodies and baked goods in hopes of an invite to the family gatherings!

    Lovely photo! I am amazed at how tall your son is! Wonderful that you could all be together!

  9. Crabby in MD says:

    Actually, I can see the family resemblance. Those nice straight, little teeth! Never knew!
    Beautiful family!

  10. Gnu Ordure says:

    @ #1[blockquote] Just want to say that I have never seen a family of atheists look this happy to be together![/blockquote]

    In fact, it’s quite rare to see a photo of an atheist family with grown-up children, because according to a recent survey, 97.6% of atheist parents eat their babies.

    But they’re incapable of love, so it’s not surprising.

  11. Katherine says:

    Being myself a woman “of a certain age,” I can’t help noticing how little visible difference there is between mother and daughters.

  12. Elizabeth H. says:

    Katherine, I could hug you for that comment. Let’s just say that distance from the camera is my friend.

  13. Katherine says:

    Elizabeth, I used to laugh at my parents when they laughed at the line from a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta that goes, “She could very well pass for forty-three in the dusk with the light behind her.” And now it’s me! — except that I don’t think I’d pass for forty-three even at dusk.