(AP) Analysis: Romney's Nevada Win Leaves Rivals Few Options

Mitt Romney’s decisive victory in Nevada was never much in doubt. He won the state’s caucuses four years ago, kept his organization active and he could count on support from Mormons who made up a quarter of caucus goers this year.

But the former Massachusetts governor’s win here, coupled with his enormous Florida victory just days ago, proved Republicans have begun to coalesce around his candidacy in earnest. He swept nearly every voting group in Nevada including those that have been slow to come aboard, such as tea party activists and voters who describe themselves as extremely conservative.

And that spells trouble for his remaining rivals who now face a stark question: How do they stop him?

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One comment on “(AP) Analysis: Romney's Nevada Win Leaves Rivals Few Options

  1. BlueOntario says:

    I’m not so sure of this analysis. Many of my friends have as much enthusiasm for Romney as they do for going to the dentist.