The Observer Editorial–Let's avoid a clash of faith and reason

The reaction to the [recent] ruling [on local Council prayer] has been equally overblown and peevish. The Muslim minister Baroness Warsi said that “a militant secularisation”¦ that”¦ demonstrates similar traits to totalitarian regimes” is taking hold in Britain. George Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, has claimed that “there are deep forces in western society, hollowing out the values of Christianity and driving them back to the margins”.

Well, not really. One could argue that steadily declining congregations and a crisis in vocations are already performing that task perfectly adequately. But how then to explain the fury of atheist scientist Richard Dawkins? The UK branch of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science recently commissioned a poll from Ipsos Mori, which examined in detail the beliefs of the 72% of respondents who said in the 2001 census they were Christian. Dawkins thought that number too high. His pollsters discovered that when directly questioned the number of Christians dropped to 54%. Of that diminished percentage, many never read the Bible, went to church regularly or knew the name of the first book of the New Testament (Matthew).

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One comment on “The Observer Editorial–Let's avoid a clash of faith and reason

  1. Br. Michael says:

    “When a religion fosters beliefs that undermine the values of a secular liberal democracy it’s time for the state to put its foot on the neck of the beast.”

    From one commenter, as if “the values of a secular liberal democracy” (what ever that is) were somehow objectively neutral and without presuppositions. Somehow reflecting a universal agreed upon worldview that permits the suppression of all other worldviews.

    And this attitude is reflected in most of the other comments. It is the voice of secular totalitarianism. It is an arrogant that this worldview alone, (what ever it is) is right and that all should agree with it or parish. There is a total disdain for competing worldviews that could only be held by true believers willing to persecute dissenters.