Lloyd Steffen–Faith and Values: Religious experience and ordinary believers

The issue for faith is not whether we have had an experience like Moses with the burning bush or St. Paul on the Damascus road. The issue is whether we can be open to interpreting the experiences we have in ordinary life as so deeply meaningful that we are willing to claim them as religious.

Is it possible to find such an experience in the cup of coffee with a friend? Is it possible to find in the worship service you attend on a regular basis? Can something in the beauty of nature catch you up, or music, or the arresting vision that takes form in the stone Michelangelo chiseled?

Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is the ego-dissolving experience upon which spiritual growth and development rests.

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One comment on “Lloyd Steffen–Faith and Values: Religious experience and ordinary believers

  1. Rob Eaton+ says:

    I’m sure he can explain himself further, so that a short article does not become a complete articulation of his points. However, after reading I feel as if someone has just attempted to rob me and all Christians of experiencing, recognizing, and witnessing the supernatural.
    After placing Moses’ and Paul’s dramatic experiences into the same experiential level of what the Lord might bring over coffee, I wonder what the chaplain and professor then does with Moses and Paul?