Congratulations to Spain, Winners of the Euro 2012 Championship

It was a dominant performance today.


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2 comments on “Congratulations to Spain, Winners of the Euro 2012 Championship

  1. softwords says:

    From the score it looked like Spain dominated. I had to be gone while it was on but I plan to watch the recorded match. My nephew, who is in Spain for several weeks, reports the country is in full celebration mode!

  2. Terry Tee says:

    Although both countries have economic troubles, the situation in Spain is far more parlous, so for their sake I was glad that they had won. And it was well-earned, the first goal especially depending on bold, relentless athleticism and split-second reactions in front of the goal. By the end, however, Italy were down to 10 men and visibly lost heart. One particularly sweet moment was after the finish when the Spanish players went up to the stands to speak to their wives and some of them took their children into the grounds. That, and making the sign of the cross when they run onto the pitch = a witness worth a million sermons.