(RNS) Atheists find a new venue for the godless: on film

There were no red carpets, no paparazzi, no celebrities and definitely no God at the recent annual Atheist Film Festival.

Instead, there were more than a dozen films, long and short, about separation of church and state, freedom of religion (and no religion), the conflict between science and religion in public schools and a couple hundred people eager to see them.

“If we don’t do this, who will? said festival organizer Dave Fitzgerald, as people picked up atheist-themed books and T-shirts at the Aug. 10-11 festival. “Atheists are not well-represented by Hollywood, and a lot of people don’t get any exposure to real atheist thought except through things like this.”

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3 comments on “(RNS) Atheists find a new venue for the godless: on film

  1. farstrider+ says:

    [blockquote] “Atheists are not well-represented by Hollywood” [/blockquote]

    Yes, because we all know that Hollywood is a hotbed of Puritanical Christian fundamentalism. Atheists are bound to feel lonely there.

  2. Milton Finch says:

    Well, if there is little representation of atheists in Hollywood, that could say that the blessed wealthy are giving tribute to something for what has occurred in their lives. Jewish, Scientologically, or what come may. But we best not say our Daddy!

  3. Milton Finch says:

    Of course, the ones involved in espousing monetary findings and blessings are not the only demographic involved. There are the 99% that remain voiceless in the monetary matter. Is this to say that the atheists are indegent? The next question would be something like: Are atheists poor? Or in what manner are they poor and desirous of wealth, be it coin or knowledge? Is what they have in knowledge a detriment to feeling wealth?