Frank Wooten–Believe it or not: Folks of faith deserve some tolerance, too

God bless you.

Offended by that summons to a higher power?

Then don’t sneeze.

Then again, why rile the rising tide of heathens increasingly inclined to resent any and all references to the Almighty as pushy proselytizing?

Instead, try consoling sneezers who just might be overly sensitive atheists or even mere agnostics with “Gesundheit” ”” German for “health.”

Dropping “God Bless You” from your remark rotation is especially advisable when within earshot of Christopher Hitchens, a self-described “essayist and contrarian” who seems to spot holier-than-thou hypocrisy behind every burning bush. The title of his new book, “God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” says it all.

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15 comments on “Frank Wooten–Believe it or not: Folks of faith deserve some tolerance, too

  1. Harvey says:

    God bless you Christopher; you certainly don’t need His condemnation.

  2. dpeirce says:

    Jesus said to his disciples when he sent them out as missionaries: ‘If they refuse to accept your teachings and blessings, then shake the dust of that place from your feet”. I always assumed he said that at least partly because it’s the polite thing to do… if your blessing or teaching is refused, then leave quietly.

    I’d assume the same is true for Mr Hitchens. If he doesn’t want to hear ‘God bless you’ then don’t say it. But don’t curse him and don’t stop telling the Gospel to people who do want to hear it (whether he likes it or not).

    Mr Hitchins, though, seems not to mind cursing people, and he doesn’t appear to be the kind pf person who will leave quietly if his “gospel” is refused.

    He isn’t polite. Jesus is.

    In faith, Dave

  3. MargaretG says:

    I have not read Hitchen’s book — and having berated someone else earlier in the week for commenting on a book they hadn’t read, I do feel somewhat of a fraud — however, every review I have read of Hitchen’s book makes it sound so unpleasant, I do wonder if even his friends will agree it was a good idea.

    There are times when it pays to keep the level of your dislike somewhat hidden in the interests of seeming reasonable.

  4. libraryjim says:

    I heard that there was a supreme court case over a school bus driver who was sued because he said “God bless you” when a student sneezed. The court decided that the phrase was NOT a religious benediction, but a cultural phrase of politness, and therefore did not violate the separation of Church and State (since the driver was acting in a capacity of an employee of the school district).

  5. carol says:

    Gee…my mother use to say, “God bless you or let the devil take you”. That probably wouldn’t settle too well with Mr. Hitchisns either 8-/

  6. Wilfred says:

    I would pay no attention to Mr Christopher’s bitchin’s.

  7. azusa says:

    Don’t people realize that even supposedly ‘secular’ sayings like ‘Gesundheit’ are actually truncated prayers: ‘Gott gebe dir Gesundheit’ – just like ‘Goodbye’ (‘God be with you’) and ‘Adios’? The thought police have their work cut out for them. Good luck to them. 🙂

  8. D Hamilton says:

    Dane Cook has said it all already:

    Caution – Not for the easily offended!!!!!!

    My teenage daughters love the irony and the message

  9. RevK says:

    #7, Even the Jewish blessing ‘Mazel tov’ has religious origins – it comes from Akkadian references to astrology. I do not know of a single cultural that does not have ‘religion’ as part of its common speech. I think if Mr. Hitchens were to get his wish to remove all religious references from language, we would be stuck making grunting noises. (Fortunately, I have a teen-age son, so I am used to this.)

  10. Dee in Iowa says:

    # 8 – luvd it “print the Bible on him”………..

  11. dpeirce says:

    Hmmnnn…. Dane Cook, is he one of those ‘new evangelists’? ^_^

    In faith, Dave

  12. D Hamilton says:

    No, Dane Cook is not an evangelist in the common paradigm, but his comedy does express a Catholic upbringing and a continuing faith. He certainly isn’t ridiculing the faithful – maybe some practices – but not those that believe. His take on intinction is way funny too.

  13. dpeirce says:

    Yes, there were a few glimmers, but his Catholic mama didn’t teach him some of the words he used. He’d have been funnier, MHO, if he hadn’t used that one word.

  14. Dave C. says:

    There’s also Grus Gott, via con dios, and adieu we could add to the list.

  15. libraryjim says:

    hmmm, do we now need to change all NAMES associated with religous connotations? Even Christopher Hitchens should realize his first name means “Christ bearer” and he needs to change it fast if he’s going to be true to his mission. 🙂