Bishop Steve Jecko Remembered

“Bishop Jecko was my friend and Bishop in the Diocese of Florida. I knew him for at least 20 years; then was privileged to chair the Search Committe of the diocese which called Steve to be our Bishop. He was a champion of the faith at all times. Later he became chaplain to the Daughters of the King in the Fourth province and then National Chaplain of the Daughters of the King. His teachings inspired and strengthen the Daughters in their lifelong vows of prayer, service and evangelism. God blessed hiim in shortening the agony of cancer. And God blessed each of us who knew Bishop Steve. Dear God, strengthen Joan and the family and all of us.”

–Jean Marani, Holy Cross Anglican Church, Tallahassee, FL


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5 comments on “Bishop Steve Jecko Remembered

  1. saj says:

    … amen. I worked with him and his ministry was filled with grace.

  2. Brad Page says:

    My best friend from back home in Alabama has heard me speak for many years of my relationships with various Episcopal bishops, and has listened as I shared my often less-than-flattering candid thoughts about them. When I spoke with him the other day about Bishop Jecko’s death, he said: “He’s the bishop you like, isn’t he”? Even in the midst of sadness, that made me smile. Yes, I liked Steve Jecko. But, more important than that is the fact that I had great respect for him as a bishop who was always faithful to the work to which God had called him, and who – because of that divine calling – was willing to speak the truth in love with clarity, consistency, and integrity. These were his rare gifts to the Church.

  3. WLGeiger says:

    I was new to the Diocese of Florida when Bp Cerveny retired; I voted for Steve Jecko on all 9 or howevermany ballots, and never regretted it. He followed a strong, long-tenured bishop who was also his friend, but whose imperial leadership style had also taken a certain toll in the diocese. Steve led with clarity, yet took care to listen. I think I was not alone in always finding him to be honest, consistent and caring with his clergy and congregations, and faithful to the Gospel even when it damaged some of the good-ol-boy relationships in the HOB. Early on he shared at a clergy conference some of his private uncertainties about how well he was wearing the mantle of leadership, if the mitre “fit”. I told him then, and have continued to believe, it fit very well. I will miss his presence, encouragement, and leadership in the Church, but thank God for his witness and ministry. May light perpetual shine upon him, and may the consolation of the Holy Spirit sustain Joan and all the family.

  4. Jill C. says:

    The Diocese of Dallas now has a photo, info., and an article by Bishop Jecko up on its homepage at

  5. flaanglican says:

    While I wouldn’t expect the Diocese of Florida ( to have a full-page spread on Bp. Jecko like the Diocese of Dallas, you would think they would have something a little more prominent than just a tiny link in the “From Bishop Howard” section which is above the news “Church of the Redeemer – Summary Judgment.”

    To their credit, the linked page is better but you can barely find this page from the home page.