Unaffiliated TEC Group in South Carolina Still not Complying with Court Order

Go here to see it. Anyone see some symbolism in which site is still unchanged?

Update: The site is now password protected. Here is the webcache of the original site:
– the elves


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16 comments on “Unaffiliated TEC Group in South Carolina Still not Complying with Court Order

  1. pbandj says:

    Some one should call Jim Taylor and point out that he is in violation of the TRO.

  2. A Senior Priest says:

    Obviously the DioSC needs to have the courts apply financial sanctions against these offenders immediately… like today, so Mrs Schori can be fined for identity theft. And possibly jailed? Since she’ll be a criminal if she tries to steal the Diocese’s identity, isn’t that a crime for which she can be deposed?

  3. MarkP says:

    Does anyone here know in which court the ball sits now? In a normal case where someone uses another’s name and symbols, I think the first step would be for the aggrieved party to officially notify the usurpers and ask them to remove the offending material. Does the restraining order change that? That is, does the restraining order mean that the state takes responsibility for enforcement (arrests and so on), or simply that the state (temporarily, at least) affirms which side has the right to the marks of identity, should the owner wish to take legal action?

  4. New Reformation Advocate says:

    Actually, introducing a new note into this young thread, what I found highly symbolic, in an ironic and unintended sense of course, was the biblical allusion at the top of the website. The fact that the TEC loyalists could cite, [i]”Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also,”[/i] without realizing what an incredible self-indictment that is, seems very revealing to me.

    It betrays what I like to call “The edifice complex.” It’s all about the buildings and the bank accounts. There are now over 50 church buildings strewn over the country that used to house active conservative Episcopal congregations but now stand empty and forlorn. What a Pyrrhic victory for our liberal foes. Fortunately, it looks like they won’t win in SC. But I find it amusing that the loyalists are making themselves look ridiculous in the process of pursuing their deceitful claim to represent the authentic continuition of the diocese. “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

    David Handy+

  5. Already left says:

    But they have taken the seal off the front page of the web site.

  6. Chris says:

    I still see the seal.

  7. MarkP says:

    “It’s all about the buildings and the bank accounts.”

    Wouldn’t they say this is ironic, coming from the side that is fighting so hard to keep the symbols, buildings, and bank accounts after leaving the church? Neither side has looked exactly Zen in their detachment.

    My point is that none of these “gotcha” moments are nearly so objectively damning as might be hoped.

  8. MarkP says:

    “But they have taken the seal off the front page of the web site. ”
    “I still see the seal.”

    What looks like the main web site of the continuing group (this one:


    not the one Kendall points to above), only has TEC’s shield, and refers to itself as “The Episcopal Church in South Carolina”.

  9. Marie Blocher says:

    Yeah, This is the key to the intent of the site:
    Please mail your donation to:
    Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina
    P.O Box 20485
    Charleston, SC 29413
    Phone: 843-259-2016

    The Rev. James E. Taylor, Treasurer

    I suggest the real Diocese of SC get themselves to the Post office in Charleston with a copy of the court order and file a change of address immediately!!

  10. Scott S. says:

    This is particularly problematic because this site is soliciting donations using the seal and name. However, to be charitable, this parish priest and treasurer maybe hasn’t received the news of the TRO and/or doesn’t have the technical ability to comply right away.

  11. In Texas says:

    That begs the question about who’s money is it if someone wrote a check to “The Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina” and mailed it to this group? Is this something the real diocese can bring up on Feb 1: ask for accounting of funds solicited in the name of the real diocese by the faux diocese?

  12. pbandj says:

    #10 Scott – Jim Taylor, the parish priest in charge of this website, is the Treasurer of the TEC group. I cannot imagine as an officer of the group that he would not know about the TRO. As far as technical ability – he links from this website to his website and claims to know how to build websites. It’s a simple website – it’s not beyond his technical ability. If I was charitable, I would guess that they simply forgot that they have a web property that solicits donations.
    #9 – Love the idea of filing a change of address!

  13. pbandj says:

    The website is now password protected.

  14. In Texas says:

    I don’t think they seem to realize that the google webcache of the site will still show the site as it was until it updates. I just printed the page to pdf.

  15. Mitchell says:

    It looks as though the site is down now; but as to who the money belongs to, that depends on the intent of the giver. Having read the site, it seems clear to me that anyone contributing would not have believed they were contributing to Lawrence’s Church. Consequently, it is unlikely Lawrence’s Church would be awarded money contributed by people who want to remain in The Episcopal Church.

  16. dwstroudmd+ says:

    May all who wish to contribute to Schori’s church be sure and use the correct addresses – either in SC or NY. Though I suspect strongly that the funds will dry up quickly if liberal practice is as liberal practice does. Perhaps Schori and Beers will have the proper address for their adherents when they send the monthly life-support check. (Does anyone know if they are still sending them to all their faux dioceses elsewhere or have the wells all gone to lawyers already?)