The Archbishop of York–Easter – A Story of Hope

I believe that we need to work to create a world free from the scandal of poverty ”“ we need to ensure all people and communities can flourish, wherever they live.

And what is the message on the box ”“ what is the truth of Easter we are so keen to promote?

2000 years ago a baby named Jesus came to earth. He was God’s son. He brought a message of love and taught people to serve others in all they do. This revolutionary message undermined the authorities and religious leaders of the time, so he was arrested and executed in the most painful way imaginable, crucifixion ”“ this day is called “Good Friday”. Jesus’ body was removed from the cross and his body put in a tomb. Three days later, on Easter Sunday, the stone of the tomb rolled away and Jesus rose from the dead. Inviting all people to participate in God’s life offered freely. For Jesus Christ did for us that which we could not do for ourselves.

That’s it. A simple story of hope. Because Jesus died for all the unGod-like things we have done, we can be forgiven. We can all start anew and hope is offered for all! Hallelujah!

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