(USA Today) Fate of Jerusalem looms over peace talks

As Israeli and Palestinian negotiators prepare for preliminary talks in Washington on Monday (July 29), the future of Jerusalem ”” holy to three faiths ”” looms as the thorniest and most difficult issue to resolve.

The State Department announced Sunday that the two sides had accepted invitations from Secretary of State John Kerry to come to Washington “to formally resume direct final status negotiations.” The department said two days of initial meetings will begin Monday evening.

The announcement came shortly after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Cabinet approved the release of 104 Palestinian prisoners, a key part of the Kerry-brokered deal.

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One comment on “(USA Today) Fate of Jerusalem looms over peace talks

  1. Br. Michael says:

    This will go no where. Israel will not give back Jerusalem and it will not give back the Golan. There may be some other accommodations, but by and large Israel will not go back to the pre 1967 insanity.