Robert Moynihan provides another full text english translation of Pope's in flight press conf.

Gian Guido Vecchi: Holy Father, during this trip you have spoken many times about mercy. In regard to access to the sacraments of divorced persons who have remarried, is there a possibility that something will change in the discipline of the Church? That these sacraments be an occasion to bring these people closer, rather than a barrier that separates them from the other faithful?
Pope Francis: This is a subject that is always asked about.
Mercy is greater than the case you pose.
I believe this is the time of mercy.
This change of era, also so many problems of the Church ”” such as the witness that’s not good of some priests, also problems of corruption in the Church, also the problem of clericalism, to give an example ”” have left so many wounds, so many wounds.
And the Church is Mother: she must go to heal the wounds with mercy.
But if the Lord does not tire of forgiving, we have no other choice than this: first of all, to cure the wounds. The Church is Mother and must go on this path of mercy. And find mercy for all.
But I think, when the Prodigal Son returned home, his father didn’t say: “But you, listen sit down: what did you do with the money?” No! He had a feast! Then, perhaps, when the son wished to speak, he spoke.
The Church must do likewise.

This is a useful resource for those of us following the story–check it out.


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