The Rev. Paul Perkin speaking at GAFCON II – Battle for the Soul of Britain

Watch it all (about 18 1/2 minutes).

UPDATE: Here is a written transcript at Anglican Ink


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4 comments on “The Rev. Paul Perkin speaking at GAFCON II – Battle for the Soul of Britain

  1. MichaelA says:

    Very encouraging to hear Paul Perkins’ news about the orthodox Anglican movement in Britain. I can identify some of the examples he refers to, but does anyone know what each of the following is referring to?
    [blockquote] “One church has started its own theological college and after three years is already the largest Anglican theological seminary in Europe.” [/blockquote]

    Is the following a reference to Holy Trinity Brompton? I believe St Thomas Crookes in Sheffield is larger than HTB, but it is combined Anglican and Baptist so not sure which he means:
    [blockquote] “The largest Anglican church in England has 23 ordained ministers and thousands of young people being discipled to follow Christ. It is producing over 30 ordinands every year.” [/blockquote]

  2. MichaelA says:

    The following mirrors the attitude of the Global South, which has sought to encourage faithful Christians both inside and outside the established liberal western Anglican provinces:
    [blockquote] “The Confessing Anglicans in the UK and Ireland are uniquely placed to support both those who stay in the structures, and those God is raising up beyond them. Both types of initiative are needed in the huge challenge before us.” [/blockquote]

  3. Pageantmaster Ù† says:

    #1 Michael A
    I suspect it is HTB referred to in both your quotes. I can’t think of any other recently formed theological college, let another coming from a parish. I also can’t think of any other parish with such an industrial output of discipled youngsters and ordinands.

    That said, HTB is less of a parish than a stable of parishes – young, frisky and keen to reproduce themselves. Paul Perkin’s parish, St Mark’s Battersea Rise is an early HTB plant, and now in turn is a church planter.

    St Thomas Crookes and the Sheffield churches from recollection also use St Paul’s Theological Center, part of St Mellitus College referred to as the new theological college for their training, including on-site lectures.

    HTB is having a major impact on reviving the church in London and along with All Souls, Langham Place who have also started planting churches domestically [their impact previously has mainly been overseas] these are our best hope for the future in the CofE.

    Please pray for them – they are under enormous pressure to conform to the new thang being peddled at a senior level.

    Pray for their witness and continued faithfulness to Jesus and to his uncompromised and unrevised Word and for their continued effectiveness in the revival of the church.

  4. MichaelA says:

    Thanks PM. Will do.