John Edwards Dropping out of the Presidential Race

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25 comments on “John Edwards Dropping out of the Presidential Race

  1. Steven in Falls Church says:


  2. libraryjim says:

    You know, John “I pay $400 for a haircut, and still can relate to the common man on the street” Edwards.

  3. Virgil in Tacoma says:

    Drats…now I’m going to have to vote for Hilary.

  4. libraryjim says:

    If you do, I’ll have even less respect for you than I already have! 😉


  5. Steven in Falls Church says:

    #2–OK, I now vaguely recall Edwards serving a Senate term without distinction. Or maybe I’m thinking of Chic Hecht.

  6. Will B says:

    Don’t worry John. There’s still a future in inflated malpractice lawsuits….

  7. appletree says:

    You remember John Edwards. He’s the guy who claims “Trial Lawyers” are not a special interest group.

  8. Anglicanum says:

    And then there were six.

  9. azusa says:

    Hair today, gone tomorrow.

  10. Philip Snyder says:

    “Politicans in the Hands of an Angry Electorate.”

  11. Katherine says:

    Well, at least he’s not still my senator. What on earth will he do with himself?

  12. Chazaq says:

    Never heard of him, so I looked him up in Wikipedia. John Edwards is a Welsh rugby union player. A flanker, he currently plays his club rugby for Llanelli Scarlets. He was selected as captain of the Wales national rugby union team (sevens) squad in 2007. Not sure about the haircut.

  13. magnolia says:

    too bad. now we are stuck with obama and hilary which some people will vote just to vote against them. btw, chazaq, i will have to look up the rugby player-i am a newby to the sport but love it!

  14. Clueless says:

    Don’t forget Ron Paul

  15. Hakkatan says:

    Ron Paul is not a member of the Democratic Party, and hence (while interesting) not a concern to those who are selecting a Democratic candidate.

  16. Words Matter says:

    Actually, Ron Paul isn’t much of a concern to those selecting a Republican candidate, either.

  17. John Wilkins says:

    Libraryjim, we shouldn’t expect our politicians to be saints. He made his money using the legal system properly, before judges and juries, protecting the little guy. Nothing wrong with that. It’s a cheap shot.

    But I’m glad someone in the race paid attention to the poor and the working man.

  18. Alli B says:

    Using the legal system properly? Oh, please. People like him fight tort reform for a reason. (I’m a court reporter – I know what I’m talking about!)

  19. Jeffersonian says:

    Which of the Two Americas will the Silk Pony being going back to?

  20. libraryjim says:

    It’s not a matter of that. It’s his hypocracy of talking about ‘two Americas’ where he states he is firmly alongside the working man, when it is clear by his lifestyle (how many vacation homes does he have?) that his interests do not lie with the common man.

    His record as a one term senator who spent 3/4 of his time running for President, is not one of standing with the poor and working man.

    I’m glad he’s dropped out. But I wish she-who-must-not-be named was not running, either.

  21. Wilfred says:

    Mr Edwards did not [i] use, [/i] but rather he [i] abused [/i] the legal system to make his millions, turning it into a sort of protection racket. It’s the antics of people like him that are behind most of the astronomical cost of medical care in the U.S. today.

    Doctors & hospitals know they are going to get sued, so they must have malpractice insurance. And every time Mr Edwards won another dubious case, the insurance companies duly raised their premiums. Every time you go the doctor or hospital, you are paying not just for your treatment, but for those judgments Mr Edwards won. (And also the bills for 2 or 3 illegal immigrants).

  22. libraryjim says:

    Let me amend my post #20, to say “I don’t really like the choices across the board from either party!” 😉

  23. Little Cabbage says:

    20. libraryjim, please check your spell check, it’s ‘hypocricy’. I admire Sen. Edwards. Unlike Romney, Clinton or Bush, he was not born into a wealthy family. His success has been the result of his own hard effort. And as far as ‘malpractice’ suits being a ‘racket’, Wilfred: it shows that you (or a loved one) have not been the victim of medical malpractice. Thank your lucky stars! It is very real, and only with an excellent attorney (such as Sen. Edwards) will one reach justice under our system. And the costs for illegal immigrants doesn’t come from the malpractice suits, just to keep your arguments straight. That’s apples and oranges).

  24. Wilfred says:

    #23 Little Cabbage: This shows that you (or a loved one) have not been the victim of an abusive lawsuit.

    There is a notion common among uneducated jurors that [i] any [/i] bad outcome must be the fault of somebody. If the patient died, or was not completely cured, why it must be the doctor’s fault. Even if it’s not the doctor’s fault, this poor patient obviously needs some money, so lets give it to him, by rendering a judgment in his favor, for millions. Mr Edwards & similar emotional scam-artists are responsible for a scarcity of obstetricians in large parts of the U.S.

    To serve on one of these juries, potential jurors should be required to pass a test in basic biology and maybe intelligence. And Mr Edwards should thank God -not his lucky stars- that any doctors at all are willing to treat his wife.

  25. libraryjim says:

    I thought it was impolite to point out spelling errors on blog posts? I do try to check my spelling, but when typing on one’s break at work, one does get rushed a bit, and ‘keyboarditis’ tends to set in. (Especially when your office temperature is set at ‘meat locker’, and you don’t have a key to the thermostat!)

    Anyway, it doesn’t matter how Edwards got his money (Bill Gates earned every penny of his wealth, too, but is still hated by liberals! we love Gates in the Library profession, by the way. We have nine computers we wouldn’t have otherwise if not for his grants). What matters is his attitude and how he presents himself — his ‘hypocricy’.

    Jim E. <><