Giants Stun Patriots in Super Bowl XLII

The Giants were not even supposed to be here, taking an unlikely playoff path through the behemoths of their conference and regarded, once they alighted on Super Bowl XLII, as little more than charming foils for the New England Patriots’ assault on immortality.

But with their defense battering this season’s National Football League’s most valuable player, Tom Brady, and Giants quarterback Eli Manning playing more like Brady than Brady himself, the Giants produced one of the greatest upsets in Super Bowl history Sunday night, beating the previously undefeated Patriots, 17-14.

The Giants had seemingly been enlivened for the postseason by a 3-point loss to the Patriots in their regular-season finale on Dec. 29, a game in which the Giants had nothing on the line but pride and competitive spirit. A little more than a month later, they topped themselves, winning the franchise’s first championship since the 1991 Super Bowl.

Back then, Bill Belichick was the Giants’ defensive coordinator. On Sunday, he was the coach who had led the Patriots to the brink of a historic 19-0 perfect season, had survived a spying scandal that cost him money and his team a first-round draft pick, had weathered whispers in recent days that a previous title might be tainted. But he could only watch as it all collapsed under the weight of the Giants’ ferocious pass rush. For another year, the 1972 Miami Dolphins will stand alone with the only perfect season in N.F.L. history. The Patriots are, in the end, only almost perfect.

“It’s the greatest victory in the history of this franchise, without question,” the Giants co-owner John Mara said, his voice hoarse. “I just want to say to all you Giants fans who have supported us for more than 30 years at Giants Stadium, for all those years in Yankee Stadium and some of you even back to the Polo Grounds, this is for you.”

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12 comments on “Giants Stun Patriots in Super Bowl XLII

  1. Kendall Harmon says:

    The Giants defense was amazing and I still do not know how Tyree held on to that catch.

  2. Nowellco says:

    Athletic prowess notwithstanding, he had to use his head! Poindexters unite!

  3. Jennie TCO says:

    Boy, Tom Brady sure took a beating. Wish he had had more protection. I didn’t watch the last minute. Did Belichick really not do the traditional congrat to the Giant’s coach?

  4. William P. Sulik says:

    [blockquote] Did Belichick really not do the traditional congrat to the Giant’s coach?[/blockquote]

    No, he was very gracious – came over and shook his hand and said a few words. There was confusion however because the clock had run down to 0:00, but the officials ruled there was 1 second left and a play needed to be run. I’m no Belichick fan, but he can’t be faulted for what happened at the end.

  5. Crabby in MD says:

    I had no horse in this race, and I wasn’t particularly interested in even watching the game. But I was so glad I did! Probably the closest, tightest Super Bowl I have seen in a LONG time!

  6. Jeffersonian says:

    A really good game and fun to watch. As a Rams fan, I will not apologize for my schadenfreude.

  7. Steven in Falls Church says:

    While I wish the Packers had been there, I think the Giants matched up better against the Pats.

  8. Jennie TCO says:

    Thanks William, thought that had seemed out of character.

  9. TonyinCNY says:

    The best part of the Giants win is we won’t have to hear anything from Boston fans (until, of course, baseball season starts). Even a few months reprieve is pleasant.

  10. Stuart Smith says:

    For those of us here in Cowboy Country, it was fun to watch the team which last beat us beat the best! A great, competitive and well-played game by both teams. One of those games you wish both teams could be declared winners!

    I found myself, as a little brother, cheering for Eli!

  11. BCP28 says:

    Given the Pats’ questionable ethics, I felt like some kind of orderly justice was restored to the universe. 😉

  12. Ouroboros says:

    Hard to watch for this Pats fan, but all congratulations to the Giants, who played better and wanted it more. Good work, New York!