Former President Bill Clinton becomes more of an Issue for Some Voters

Forty one percent of registered voters told the latest Pew Research Center survey that they disliked the idea of Mr. Clinton back at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which could happen if his wife, Senator Hillary Clinton, is elected president. In October, 34 percent of voters disliked the idea.

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15 comments on “Former President Bill Clinton becomes more of an Issue for Some Voters

  1. William P. Sulik says:

    [nod] I forgot how much I despised the guy until he was back lying, shaking his finger, blustering, intimidating reporters, etc.

  2. Katherine says:

    I think he’s a security risk. I thought so when he was President the first time. How lucky are we that Ms. Lewinsky, and the others, weren’t foreign agents? How easy would it be to set Bill up to take a course of action or pass information in order to avoid another scandal? To say nothing of his doing something out of sheer scalawag contrariness.

  3. drummie says:

    I would think that most people either are or should be afraid for the Clintons to be back in the White House. He has a top secret clearance as a former president, and a strong personality. Put those two together, and pity whomever would be her vice president should she win. It would be a co-presidency or presidency by committee. Neither of which sound good.

  4. Katherine says:

    There was an article at, I think, the Weekly Standard recently which described the Clinton White House as as “rolling train wreck,” what with the conflicts between the Clintons and between each of them and the Vice President. Who would take the VP job this time around? Unless it’s Bill himself?

  5. RoyIII says:

    I like both Clintons, and consider our present train-wreck in progress quite bad enough to cover the shortcomings of past presidencies at least back to Grant. What is the “reasserter to republican” ratio around here? Am I the only reassert-iphile that is not a republican?

  6. Chris says:

    I wou;d write the headline as follows:

    “Former President Clinton makes himself the issue for some voters.”

    It’s all about me me me me…….

  7. CanaAnglican says:

    Has it taken this long for voters to realize that if they get Mrs. Clinton for president, they also get Mr. Clinton?

  8. CanaAnglican says:

    Some wag said it even better: “Vote for Mrs. Clinton and you’ll get the Bill.”

  9. Hakkatan says:

    Technically, Bill Clinton could not be VP. The Constitution limits holders of that office to those who are otherwise eligible to be president. He has had two terms — all he can have.

  10. Jim the Puritan says:

    Every time I think about this all I can picture is Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos.

  11. Alta Californian says:

    RoyIII, no you’re not. I’m a pro-life, blue-dog, conservative Democrat, from a family of blue collar FDR Democrats (going back at least 4 generations). You’re not alone, though I think we’re rather outnumbered around here.

    There’s a lot I liked about the Clintons, and a lot I didn’t. Their recent behavior on the campaign trail (particularly in the run-up to South Carolina) reminded me of the latter. I may vote for Obama tomorrow just to shake things up. But I may end up voting for McCain in November (which should give all of you Republicans some hope, and also give you some pause, if you think about it).

  12. RoyIII says:

    Thank you Alta Californian. I was beginning to think I was in the wrong blog.

  13. Jim the Puritan says:

    #11–I’m a conservative Republican who may end up voting for Obama in the fall if he is the Democrat and McCain is the Republican candidate (which should also give the Republicans some pause).

  14. Katherine says:

    RoyIII, Alta, there are others. They probably didn’t want to even comment on this one, knowing the ratio! But this conservative Republican respects you and your right to disagree.

  15. physician without health says:

    I am also a reasserter Democrat. Just voted for Obama.