A Prayer to Begin the Day

O thou who hast taught us that we are most truly free when we lose our wills in thine: Help us to attain to this liberty by continual surrender unto thee; that walking in the way which thou hast prepared for us, we may find our life in doing thy will; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

–Gelasian Sacramentary


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One comment on “A Prayer to Begin the Day

  1. Steve Perisho says:

    Great prayer. Do you happen to have a better cite for that? I haven’t yet found it in the Gelasian sacramentary (http://www.rifugiodelleanime.org/gevweb/), though I am far from fluent enough in Latin to back-form it reliably. There are some similar ideas in this one (http://liberlocorumcommunium.blogspot.com/2015/02/most-truly-free-when-we-lose-our-wills.html), but maybe this translation is just too loose to support my limited skills.