Marin Cilic wins the US Open to claim his first-ever Grand Slam title

Congratulations to him, he played well (again).


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3 comments on “Marin Cilic wins the US Open to claim his first-ever Grand Slam title

  1. Vatican Watcher says:

    I feel really sorry for CBS. This is their last year of broadcasting even just portions of the US Open and what do they close out with? Two rather boring finals. Cilic had his trophy even before it was completely dusk in NY.

  2. Catholic Mom says:

    With all due respect, Nishikori was actually the favorite — with a 5-2 record over Cilic, beating him in the last three meetings. By no means was what was going to happen obvious (unlike the Williams/Wozniaki match). Personally, I watched the entire tournament live streamed by and ignored CBS entirely. I was watching the women’s final on my cell phone in the airport when I went to pick up my husband on Saturday. And I loved the timing of the men’s — got home, ate some dinner, had two hours to watch (on my computer) before I had to leave the house and Cilic nailed it for me!

  3. Vatican Watcher says:

    Catholic Mom, I’m glad you enjoyed it. But I don’t think CBS did from its standpoint where both matches were straight set victories and CBS had to fill massive blocks of time with filler.