Tom Baldwin: Something must give ”” or will the fight be stopped?

The Democratic presidential contest is now between an unstoppable force and an immovable object.

Hillary Clinton is retrenching behind what her advisers call “a demographic brick wall” in Ohio and Texas ”“ believing that Barack Obama’s recent momentum will be brought to an abrupt halt next month by the blue-collar and Latino voters who have largely backed her elsewhere.

Mr Obama still surges forward, putting his faith in the “fierce urgency of now” helping him to vault over the next big round of elections on March 4, when 444 delegates are at stake, in the same way that he has already defied the laws of political campaigning.

Something, or someone, has to give. And eyes are turning to the party leadership of 796 “super-delegates” to be a referee that stops this fight before it reaches the presidential nomination convention in August.

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6 comments on “Tom Baldwin: Something must give ”” or will the fight be stopped?

  1. DonGander says:


    The pied Piper (Obama – of pretty tune with as little content as can possibly be gotten away with) is piping his flute and has a growing number of followers.

    The Wicked Witch of the West (Mrs. Clinton – “person of interest” in several felonies) holds up in her castle and sends out the flying monkeys to do her work.

    I have nothing good that comes to my mind about McCain, either, but not since the 1970s have I heard so much talk of race and gender.


  2. Irenaeus says:

    Don [#1]: I’m glad that Obama, Clinton, and McCain each offer us agendas more worthy than your comment does.

  3. Dave B says:

    Is the deomocratic party rushing inot a sort of Morton’s Choice? If Clinton aout manuves Obama will Obama supporters sit out the election? If Obama is given the nod will Clinton supporters also sit it out in protest?

  4. DonGander says:

    2. Irenaeus:

    Please help me. Name one aspect of the agenda of Obama or Hillary. “Health care” or “getting us out of Iraq” are not agenda, just talking points.

  5. Katherine says:

    I could be totally wrong, but my sense is that many Clinton supporters would go along with Obama, but that if Clinton were to get the nomination in spite of losing the popular vote total in primaries, this would be fatal to her support. If she’s ahead but not all the way there by convention time, then the super-delegates can put her over the top without a problem.

  6. Bob Lee says:

    If the Dems get the White House, you’d better buckle up. It’ll be the ride you never forget. Not a pleasurable ride.