The Furor Over the McCain Report –NY Times Letters

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4 comments on “The Furor Over the McCain Report –NY Times Letters

  1. libraryjim says:

    Gosh, last month the NYT was gushing over McCain, as to how he won their endorsement for the Republican Nominee — and all this time they were sitting on this story, waiting for the right time? ‘sounds fishy to me.

  2. Jim the Puritan says:

    A good example of how much the media tries to control the electoral process.

    Dan Rather’s problem was he got caught trying to manipulate an election with forged documents, but that really hasn’t stopped anyone else.

    People forget though that the timing of this was a “twofer,” not only do you slime McCain, but you get the public attention off your candidate Hillary. All of the media coverage about her getting smashed by Obama instantly disappeared once the Times released this.

  3. Alta Californian says:

    #2, there were extremely unflattering stories about Obama out there as well, mostly about Mrs. Obama’s gaffe but also about how the media is starting to come off of the Obama high (they may not actually be, but there are plenty of stories out about how they are). The McCain story deflected the news away from Obama as well.

    I find it difficult to believe this was precisely timed. If so, why not wait until before the General. An October surprise might have better effect. I find the story ill-advised, but the outrage over it overblown. But then, I’m not a NYT hater…I’m also not a regular NYT reader, either. I’ll leave that to all you Easterners.

  4. Harvey says:

    Funny that a letter surfaced anomonously at just the right time in an attempt smear McCain. Predential history has numerous stories that indicated in spite of their private lives they arose and truly led our country in times of peril.
    Rather than add fuel to the fire by naming past presidents, their party affiliations and their private lives lets consider that some of them were not saints but proven leaders.