Walkabout Scheduled for San Joaquin Provisional Bishop Nominee

A single candidate chosen to be the provisional Bishop of San Joaquin will participate in a two-day walkabout visitation to the diocese immediately after the House of Bishops’ meeting concludes at Camp Allen in Texas on March 12.

The bishops are scheduled to vote on whether to depose the Rt. Rev. John-David Schofield as Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin during a “business session” after Morning Prayer on that day. Bishop Schofield has already formally resigned from the House of Bishops. Bishops with jurisdiction must obtain consent from the House of Bishops to resign, according to national church canons.

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23 comments on “Walkabout Scheduled for San Joaquin Provisional Bishop Nominee

  1. TLDillon says:

    [blockquote]Katharine Jefferts Schori announced her intention to call to order a special convention of the Diocese of San Joaquin at St. John-the-Baptist Church in Lodi on March 29. St. John’s is reported to have a $2-million mortgage co-signed by Bishop Schofield. In addition to electing a provisional bishop, clergy and lay delegates to the organizing convention on March 29 are also scheduled to elect a new standing committee.[/blockquote]

    Very interesting! Plus I wonder what the remaining standing committee members think about this? So waht say you:
    J. Snell
    M. McClenaghan
    R. Eaton
    K. Robinson
    T. Wright
    R. James

  2. Intercessor says:

    How about reconciling with the canonically correct DofSJ Standing committee illegally “fired” by Mrs. Schori and her mob. If that does not make the hairs of Bp+ Lawrence’s neck stand straight up up then nothing will. Mr. Cox…it would be Christian kindness to merely call you a pawn and you are fooling NO ONE as to yourreal agenda.Shame carpetbagger shame.

  3. Randy Muller says:

    Bishops with jurisdiction must obtain consent from the House of Bishops to resign, according to national church canons.

    So, they might not let him resign? This canon is a complete joke. This is the sacred polity ECUSA is upholding?

  4. robroy says:

    The diocese of San Joaquin needs to charge them $2 million in rent for use of the church facilities.

    What do people know about Jerry Lamb? I found that he voted for the ordination of Gene Robinson. William Witt stated that he used a Bennison-style abandonment of communion charge against one of his priests without notification or trial.

    Do people know what happened with the vote in Visalia today?

    There is a must read posting at David Virtue’s. I know that people have issues with him, but he is not unafraid to pickup the phone and ask people questions. In particular, the TEc’s quisling, Brian Cox claims that a third of the churches want to “remain Episcopalian.” The canon to the Ordinary Bill Gandenberger calls this one of several “blatant discrepancies.” What they hypothesize is that if a parish votes 99 to 1 to go to Southern Cone, then the one represents the true church. In particular, he states, “This is especially odd since the Remain Episcopal gathering on January 26th that was broadcast worldwide by the Episcopal Church, could barely fill a single church with a maximum seating of 250 – mostly with numerous visitors from most of the surrounding TEC dioceses present.”

    Lastly, we should pray for Father Rob and his church. Truly, they are walking into the lions’ den.

  5. TLDillon says:

    I am thank to God that the parishioners of St. Paul’s visalia, voted in large number to go with Bp. John-David to the Southern Cone. Thank you Jesus! 🙂

  6. robroy says:

    Amen and amen!

  7. Choir Stall says:

    This is what Bishop Schori, 815, et. al. have been dreaming of. Laying waste to the good will of people until they cave to their individual agendas. Now that they are hammering out a weak but virtually compliant diocese let’s just see how the reappraisers will thrive. BRING ON THE NEW THING! That little debt thing? Only a microcosm of what is to come if the TEC Agenda drives through Virginia. THEN there will be aplenty of debts for all to pass around.
    Well done HOB. You sank the ship while arguing over who has the big hat.

  8. Ken Peck says:

    If this transpires, I suggest that the Windsor/Camp Allen bishops must bring presentment charges agains the Presiding Bishop for violation of the Constitution and Canons of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America and her ordination vows. She has no authority to remove members of a Standing Committee, to appoint a “provisional bishop,” or to call a special diocesan convention.

    Of course, there is the supreme irony of her adding to her violations of the ancient canons of the catholic Church, the unauthorized crossing of diocesan borders and interference with the affairs of another province of the Anglican Communion!

    If the Windsor and Camp Allen bishops fail to act, they will doubtless still be the next to encounter the inquisition of The General Convention Church tyranny.

    The General Convention Church apparently has a Pope.

  9. Revamundo says:

    [i] Comment deleted by elf. Ad Hominem attack. Commenter warned. [/i]

  10. Cennydd says:

    Revamundo, I happen to be one of those “minions.” I am a delegate to convention, and I voted…..again…..for the changes in our constitution AND to leave TEC. Ooops…..we didn’t leave TEC……THEY left US! And we “sank the ship?” That ship was leaking for years before KJS, Gene Robinson, and the abandonment of Scripture came along. It was heresy which pulled the plug.

  11. William P. Sulik says:

    Ken Peck, #7, above, is right. This logically follows from the doctrine of rigidity that Bp. Jefferts Schori* and company have been espousing of late. I think the course is madness and have great misgivings that anyone should pursue it. Nevertheless, perhaps this is the correct course so these issues can be decided in a rational manner.

    *I know there has been some issue about how to refer to the Presiding Bishop. I confess, I do not remember the proper protocol and I do not mean disrespect toward Bp. Jefferts Schori or the office she holds. Elves may feel free to modify this post to include proper titles. (in fact, I would love it if someone developed a macro so all I had to type was KJS and I got the right wording everytime.)

  12. Revamundo says:

    Hmmm Ad Hominem attack? All I did was take the exact words of #6 and show that the exact opposite of that post could be said. I wonder why #6 isn’t considered an Ad Hominem attack.

    Cennydd…sure, okay.

  13. robroy says:

    Speaking of lifeboats that San Joaquin is sailing to freedom, I found a link to “your.sydneyanglicans.net” where +Philip Jensen is having a conference in a few days that will discuss the lifeboats that are being sent to “North American refugees” like San Joaquin and also in Canada such as St. John’s – Shaughnessy. The link is [url=http://your.sydneyanglicans.net/sydneystories/lambeth_lifeboat/ ]here[/url] (hat tip again to David Virtue). They promise to post mp3 files of the talks posted. Maybe Kendall you could have a thread for these? Maybe David Ould+ could tell us what is up with the conference?

  14. remaining says:

    One Day Closer,
    The vote was I guess by majority, and I’m not sure you could say they voted “by large number to go”!
    The word I got was there were 274 who could vote, 167 voted to become Anglican, and they needed 138 to pass. I don’t know, but you figure it out. What it looks like to me is a divided parish.
    I heard robroy say St. John’s needs prayers. This parish and priest need them, too.
    You sound so, uh, GLEEful. That’s a whole lotta souls torn from each other. A whole lotta pain.

  15. rob k says:

    Sydney under Jensen throwing out lifeboats to the Anglo-Catholics leaving leaving TEC in San Joaquin? That’s a good one!

  16. William Witt says:

    [blockquote]What do people know about Jerry Lamb? I found that he voted for the ordination of Gene Robinson. William Witt stated that he used a Bennison-style abandonment of communion charge against one of his priests without notification or trial.[/blockquote]

    I don’t know anything about Jerry Lamb. You must be thinking of something I wrote about Connecticut Bishop Andrew Smith and his deposition of Fr. Mark Hansen.

  17. robroy says:

    #13 – Gleeful? No, I would call it joyful that another parish has escaped the heresy of 815 and can now begin again the gospel mission without the continuous un-Christian scandals of the TEc (lawsuits, islamopalians, wicco-palians, hindupalians, predatory bisexual bishops, etc.) You mention that 274 were [i]eliglible[/i] to vote and 167 voted to go to the open arms of Southern Cone. You fail to mention how many, if any, voted to remain in the scandal plagued TEc. If there were any who voted to remain, Truroville is just 10 miles away, and I would commend Father Rob Eaton to anyone wishing a godly pastor.

    #14 – Jensen is not sending lifeboats. Jensen is [i]talking[/i] about sending lifeboats. (And I would very much like to hear what he has to say about it.) Southern Cone is doing the sending.

    #15 – Sorry Prof. Witt, that was LTN, in his [url=http://new.kendallharmon.net/wp-content/uploads/index.php/t19/article/10684/#194253 ]exchange[/url] with you, who stated that Bp Lamb used Bennison tactics (or did Bennison use Lamb tactics?).

  18. jamesw says:

    RobRoy: Jerry Lamb is the recently retired bishop of Northern California. I moved to this diocese near the end of his tenure. From what I understand, Lamb was initially known as a moderate conservative, but in 2003 he surprised the diocese by voting to confirm Gene Robinson. That signalled a heavy tack to the liberal side of things on his part, including strongly pushing “open communion.” When he did his episcopal visits he always did open communion.

    I have heard that Jerry Lamb could be friendly if he liked you, but could also be ruthless. I have never had any great liking for him. My impression was that he ran the diocese like a dictator – if you could stay on his good side you were preferred, if you stayed under the radar you were safe but could expect no favors, if you got on his bad side you’d best watch your back. He is said to dislike theological discussion, preferring that he not be questioned. I have also heard that Lamb reacted very strongly against Mark Lawrence’s election as Bishop of South Carolina and influenced the diocesan Standing Committee to oppose him also.

    Lamb jumped on board the attempt a couple of years back to go after Schofield for abandonment of communion charges.

    Perhaps the best testimony to Lamb’s leadership is in the numbers. From 2002-2006 (last 4 years of Lamb here) the Diocese of Northern California lost 20% of its membership and 14% of its ASA. At the same time, Lamb brought in an increasing number of extreme liberal clerics. So Lamb’s legacy will have been the serious decline of his diocese coupled with shifting it from a moderate-conservative diocese to becoming a liberal to very-liberal diocese (and yes I am sure the two go hand in hand). So, in other words, he is an ideal candidate for KJS to lead the church.

  19. TLDillon says:

    Just the mere fact that St. Paul’s is following a faithful bishop who preaches the word of God, not a [i]New Thing[/i] religion which feels that MDG’s are more important than the redeeming transformation of souls from sins that weigh us down is a joyful thing indeed. All those souls are in need of Jesus Christ, not their experiences of life to live into and hopefully find a way to God.

    What if the votre had gone the other way remaining? What about the souls of those who do not ascribe to the [i]New Thing General Church[/i] such as those that have now left St. John’s, like Diane Friend? Ask yourself the very same question only think of those at St. John’s that are in pain over that vote! But Hey! Maybe not all is lost. Those that are not in favor of St. Paul’s vote can go to St. John’s and those like Diane Friend can go to St. Paul’s!

    All I know is it is not the Traditional Orthodox believers that have split and torn this church, TEC! It has been those and their leaders who are leading a politicaly & socially correct agenda and believe that we all have experiences that live into finding God and should be accepted without transformation of our sins. Not too mention the favorite idea that [i]man wrote the bible so man can re-write the bible[/i]! Color me funny, but I hardly think that Jesus Christ the [b]only[/b] Son of God came to be a perfect sacrifice for my sins, your sins and the whole worlds sins ….to endure much pain, torture and agony! His disciples & prophets recorded all that and much more inthe Bible, it should never be re-written to fit ones fancy, discounted because it makes us feel uncomfortable about our sins, called false becasue we refuse to be obedient to God and His transformation of us out of love for us, etc…. My salvation is not worth the heresy of TEc. Do not try and presume that many of us who have even left TEc do not have pain because, by george we do! It hurts alot to see what wew once loved be destroyed by those who prefer litigation towards brothers and sisters in Chirst, church homes being sold and bought by night club owners, the loss of brothers ans sisters in Christ that have walkd away from the Scriptures to walk the way of a [i]New Thing religion[/i].
    There is pain enough to go around and your side is not devoid of the responsibility of dishing it out as well.

  20. dwstroudmd+ says:

    The PROLETARIAT will pay attention to the POPECUSA and right now! Canons, we don’t need no canons!!! WE’re making it up as we go, you know, like our “theology”.

  21. LTN says:

    robroy…actually, Lamb did not use the abandonment canon to remove/depose Fr. David Miller (St. John’s Petaluma). What he did was to “choose to view” Miller’s request for transfer (Letters Dimissory) as a voluntary renunciation of his orders. As such, Lamb summarily removed/deposed Miller without any other due process. I believe that Lamb may be the only TEC bishop to have used this method. Most if not all of the other TEC bishops at least gave the appearance of going through the abandonment canon with minimal notice. We viewed Lamb’s canonical action as invalid thus just ignored it.

    Ironically, Lamb will soon be deposed (civil) himself. We have set a deposition date for Lamb this month and will be happy to have him explain his actions before our team of lawyers and court reporter.

  22. dwstroudmd+ says:

    Hmm, was it the Pop-ette or the canonically elected Standing Committee that suggesteed this knockabout method of bishopping?

  23. remaining says:

    One Day Closer,
    You said in your sermon,
    [blockquote]Do not try and presume that many of us who have even left TEc do not have pain because, by george we do![/blockquote]
    Did I say “presume” that? You’ve got me on the ropes here! I think I said Pray for them because they’re in pain! All of them!
    [blockquote]There is pain enough to go around and your side is not devoid of the responsibility of dishing it out as well.[/blockquote]
    Well, I guess you did get part of the point. But “your side”? I think you’re presumin a whole lot about me! Where did that come from?
    Whatever. Just pray for them.