A S Haley””The Episcopal Church is Making a Mishmash of Marriage (Part III)

The fundamental problem of adapting traditional Christian marriage (“Holy Matrimony”) to same-sex unions is that the theology of the former turns into blasphemy when the rite is carried over, holus-bolus, to the latter. Begin with St. Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians: [ ]
By undermining the orthodoxy of traditional marriage, by emphasizing the ability of couples to make cafeteria choices of how the Church (and, presumably, God) will bless and solemnize their relationships, the Church will knock out the very props that hold up the traditional family, by treating them as no more important than any other commitment that can be imagined between two people.

And in undermining the family, the Church will complete its own undermining, because it is the family that enables the very existence and support of the Church itself. As the percentage of families in a congregation drops, so does its ability to provide continuity from one generation to the next. And once it loses the ties that bind it to previous generations, the Church itself will no longer have reason to exist. (Remember that religio, the source for our “religion,” means “I bind again.”)

Thus the Episcopal Church 2015 is at a watershed, and the way it handles marriage will define its own future. It cannot remain true to St. Paul’s mystery of the marriage covenant while riding the bandwagon for same-sex blessings and marriages: the two are fundamentally and unalterably incompatible

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One comment on “A S Haley””The Episcopal Church is Making a Mishmash of Marriage (Part III)

  1. The Rev. Father Brian Vander Wel says:

    Thank you Mr. Haley, again, for applying your incisive, legal mind to these abhorrent matters. What you have written regarding the relationship of the family and the witness of the Church fits so well with what Mary Eberstadt has to say about why the [url=http://www.nationalreview.com/article/349612/god-and-family-west-interview]West really lost God[/url]. Thank you!