A S Haley: (BREAKING) Bishop Iker and His Diocese Win All Saints Fort Worth Case

Early reports coming in
News has just been received that Bishop Iker and his Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth are the victors in the separately-tried lawsuit to determine the ownership of the grounds and property of All Saints, Fort Worth.

Judge John Chupp of the Tarrant County District Court had severed off the All Saints case, because its facts were more dependent on documents and circumstances that were not shared with all the other parishes in dispute…

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5 comments on “A S Haley: (BREAKING) Bishop Iker and His Diocese Win All Saints Fort Worth Case

  1. Luke says:

    Way to go, +Jack.

    You’ll be sporting even a bigger smile on your face than when we howdied and shook a year ago at Latrobe.


  2. APB says:

    Great news. Now, anybody willing to bet that TEC will give in? Didn’t think so.

  3. Marie Blocher says:

    Lets see if the TEC congregation is civil about turning over the keys, etc.

  4. Katherine says:

    I hope they’ll be civil, but if I am correct there are some real firebrands in the revisionist congregation, so this could be unpleasant. After all the preceding unpleasantness, though, I imagine the Diocese will survive it.

  5. Marie Blocher says:

    From Bishop Iker’s Diocese’s web page:
    “In coming days, the March 2 and June 10 orders will be combined into a final declaratory judgment. At that point the decision of the trial court will be appealable, and it is expected that TEC attorneys will pursue that process.”
    So the end of the matter has not yet been reached.