Lutheran group keeps marriage traditional

A task force drafting a statement on sexuality for the nation’s largest Lutheran group said Thursday that the church should continue defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

However, the panel did not condemn same-gender relationships. The committee expressed regret that historic Lutheran teachings have been used to hurt gays and lesbians, and acknowledged that some congregations already accept same-sex couples.

The report released by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is part of the denomination’s yearslong effort to bridge internal differences over the Bible and homosexuality.

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14 comments on “Lutheran group keeps marriage traditional

  1. Br. Michael says:

    [blockquote]However, the panel did not condemn same-gender relationships. [/blockquote]
    Game, set and match.

  2. anglicanhopeful says:

    How do you define marriage as exclusively the union of one man to one woman but not condemn same-gender unions?

  3. Harry Edmon says:

    I’m glad they mentioned the LCMS. I thank God that homosexuality is not an issue in our denomination. That is not to say we don’t have other problems.

  4. Adam 12 says:

    At a local ELCA gathering last fall one whole day out of three was given over to gay issues. I think that speaks for itself.

  5. carl says:

    Here you see the difference between a church with a lot of dead men’s money in the bank, and a church without a lot of dead men’s money in the bank. The ELCA has to be much more circumspect of stampeding the masses – especially since there are Lutheran alternatives.

    Never Never NEVER give money to a church as an endowment. Let them go out without purse or sandals, so they remember where their help comes from – or die in the process.


  6. Br. Michael says:

    Carl, I think you are right. I remember is law shchool the case of dead hand control and the effort spent in breaking that. Whisch,as I recall, was rather successful. The point is, don’t count on leaving money after you are dead to be spent in the way you wanted it. After all you are dead and can’t influence the outcome and what you wanted doesn’t count for a damn.

  7. Brad M says:

    And, of course, TEC is in full communion with the ELC in America – has been for several years as I recall. They are still behind the TEC curve.

  8. physician without health says:

    Harry #3, Interestingly, in a recent poll of LCMS youth, around 66% said that homosexuality is wrong. This was a poll of youth who attended a national church gathering, so it is possible that of all LCMS youth, the number might be lower. It is good that, in contrast to ELCA, this is not currently a big issue, but is not one to ignore either. Some increased attention probably needs to be given to the youth of LCMS, or in 20 years or so, this (and other theological concerns) may become an issue.

  9. robroy says:

    I believe that another factor is that they see the havoc being wreaked on the Episcopal church and the ELCA-ers are pulling back from the brink somewhat. I am quite sure that it is too late for the Episcopal church, but at least others can learn from how we were taken for fools.

  10. Augsburg says:

    The ELCA is in a much different situation than TEC when it comes to division. Our parish constitutions specifically state that if they leave the denomination for another “Lutheran body”, then they can keep their property. Since there is a large portion of the ELCA that can be described as traditional, any radical break with Scripture or tradition could very well result in a split. There would be no significant legal issue. Hence, every time we see this issue come up, they “split the baby.” We retain our ban on gay clergy, but don’t enforce it. We affirm marriage as being between a man and a woman, but don’t explicitly condemn same-sex relationships. And on and on. It’s pathetic and sad.

  11. phil swain says:

    The document “repeatedly states that sexual intimacy should be reserved for marriage” and the document states that the same sexual ethics should apply to same-sex couples as married couples. Is the document saying that same-sex couples should be celibate?

  12. NWOhio Anglican says:

    #11, sure, why not? Lots of “confirmed bachelors” have lived together throughout history. Until recently, nobody except the ancient Greeks assumed they were shtupping.

  13. nwlayman says:

    The ELCA has been taking notes since full communion (and that means *so* much!) with ECUSA began. You *discuss* an issue, you don’t *decide* anything….A few years later, it’s done everywhere, what is there to discuss? Affirm it! Try those who disagree with this *ancient* practice.

  14. Frances Scott says:

    The door to marriage is solid, closed, barred, and locked. Only couples comprised of one male and one female, of legal age to marry, and conforming to consanguinity rules are entitled to obtain tha key that opens the door. This fact is well known. I have no sympathy for those who repeatedly bang their heads against that door and then complain that they “have been hurt.”