AAC Announces Director of Church Revitalization

Canon Saul will direct the AAC’s Church Revitalization and Lay Leadership Institute as well as coordinate clergy coaching. He attended the AAC’s inaugural Clergy Leadership Training Institute (CLTI) and was a leader in the AAC’s church revitalization program from 2011-2013. “During the last four years,” says Canon Saul, “I’ve seen the importance of equipping the clergy, lay leadership and the local church for the call we have to ”˜live out’ the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20). I’m looking forward to personally working with Anglicans as we do that together.”

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One comment on “AAC Announces Director of Church Revitalization

  1. Jeff Walton says:

    As a longtime supporter of the AAC, I’m grateful that they are pursuing this work of church revitalization. In ACNA we have (rightly) spent a good deal of energy on new church plants, but there are a significant number of existing congregations that are plateaued or struggling. Thanks for creating and resourcing these programs!