Telegraph Wednesday evening article on the 2016 Primates Meeting

Up to 15 of the 38 prelates taking part in the talks are also understood to have withdrawn from joint prayer services in Canterbury Cathedral in a sign of the depth of the divisions over issues such as homosexuality.
But sources claimed that fears of a dramatic public walkout on the first few days of the talks had been avoided by negotiation tactics involving separating people into small groups, unable even to communicate with each other for most of the time.
Clerics are understood to have been asked to hand in mobile phones for much of the time during the talks, overseen by two trained “facilitators” specialising in “reconciliation” tactics.

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2 comments on “Telegraph Wednesday evening article on the 2016 Primates Meeting

  1. MargaretG says:

    The good old divide and conquer. I don’t think it leads to constructive harmony though.

  2. tjmcmahon says:

    The Telegraph article appears to be about what happened on Tuesday, based on other reports, which generally seem to discount the “facilitated conversation” ploy as a failure. Everyone knew it was coming, and apparently the GS Primates weren’t going to have much to do with it.

    That the GS Primates are still at Lambeth I take as a good sign- they must think they are making some progress. And Foley Beach is still there, and by all accounts, a full participant.

    But while there are some hopeful signs, it is clear that the Anglican Communion is under judgment. Kyrie Eleison.